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Twitch Code Leaked

Twitch experienced a massive data leak on Wednesday, October 6th when a 125 GB torrent was released on 4chan. The leak includes the whole of Twitch’s source code, creator payout reports going back to 2019, Twitch’s internal security tools, and data on other Twitch properties such as the game database IGDB, among other information. The leak was described as just part one by the anonymous poster, suggesting that there’s more to come.
The leak doesn’t appear to include any user data, but it is still recommended that users change their passwords and turn on two-factor authentication.

Destiny Vaults More Content

This isn’t the first time that Bungie has done away with content for Destiny 2, but it might be the most unpopular. The Destiny Content Vault was introduced in June 2020 as a way for Bungie to remove older content and make room for newer content—or revamps of content from the first Destiny.

This time, however, Bungie is vaulting its Forsaken campaign, which is widely held to be the best in the game. Fans have pointed out that thus far over $100 worth of content has been pulled. On the one hand, vaulting content can keep file sizes more manageable on consoles. On the other hand, is there anything more frustrating than losing access to something you paid money for? What’s the point in paying full price for content if you’re only renting it?

Fictional GamerGate Series Coming Soon… but Why?

Okay. Deep breath. For the uninitiated, GamerGate was a 2014 harassment campaign against women in the gaming industry. It was a nasty, regressive attempt to target what was seen as a push toward “political correctness” in the games industry. Brianna Wu, one of the game developers targeted by GamerGate, has signed on with Mind Riot Entertainment to create a fictionalized series exploring GamerGate from the perspectives of fictional people in the games industry.

But do we need this?

It isn’t a secret that GamerGate rose alongside of—and in fact overlaps with—the alt-right. Do we need a series that brings more attention to the whinging man-babies who think that doxing and rape threats are the key to discourse about “ethics in gaming journalism?” Even if the series focuses on the victims, it will necessarily look at the power given to the harassers and that just leaves too much of an opportunity to embolden these assholes (who are probably all the same jerks harassing Twitch streamers) again.

Sora Announced as Final Smash Ultimate Character

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora was announced this week as the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. This announcement was quickly followed up so with the announcement of three Kingdom Hearts games coming to Switch (but only as cloud versions).

In other news…

Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama died.

Two Eidos studios shift to a 4-day work week, a (hopefully) promising sign in an industry known for its crunch.

The trophy for the Diana Jones Award, one of tabletop gaming’s most prestigious awards, has been lost in the mail. Thanks, Dejoy.

Critical Role’s Legend of Vox Machina trailer released.