Game Enjambment is a reoccurring poetry series on games and gaming.

With names like Desire Village
and the Kingdom of Enrich, this RPG
setting begged for betterment.

And so I’ve bettered this land,
bested its demons, restoring order
to a world hooked
on strangeness. But will Desire
Village ever feel fulfilled? Will

An arcane book rests
in the unhaunted mansion where once
it floated. I stilled it, reshelved
it. I’m still

I’m still
role-playing, secretly pining
for unsolved riddles.

Will anyone else enter
the mural room, face the painting (triangle
with corners lopped off), and step
through, where mirage and illusion reign
and time  s  t  a  l  l  s  ?

Oh, lost ability to relax!
Oh, new normal
supplanted by newer: tremulous emergence
from a cowering state, sunk reliefs filled
in with treasures to unlock doors—
gaps left in me.

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