Welcome back to Postgame, Sidequest’s monthly Patreon-exclusive podcast, where the editors lay down hot takes on cold games. This month, we took a look at how we’ve been filling our idle time and went down the mobile game rabbit hole to talk about Love Island: The Game, various stinky games, Love Island: The Game, Tales of Crestoria, Love Island: The Game, Project Makeover, and… there was one more, hang on. Ah, yes, Love Island: The Game.

(As of posting, Melissa has finished every possible scrap of content in the game, Naseem has finished most of seasons 1 and 2, and Zora has finished… day 6 of season 2. Slacking.)

Timestamps and topics:

  • Roof Rails (and other stinky games) 0:4:25 – 0:11:15
  • Love Island: The Game 0:11:15 – 0:25:39 (spoilers start at 23:39, or when Melissa starts talking about Rocco); 0:49:07 – 0:57:10
  • Tales of Crestoria 0:25:39 – 0:41:48
  • Project Makeover 0:41:48 – 0:49:07
  • Mystic Messenger 0:57:10 – 0:58:19

Pieces we mentioned:

Pieces we didn’t mention but you might like:

Theme music is Bass Thee by Alexander Nakarada, used under Creative Commons 0.

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