Hey there, Maddi here! I hope this week is treating you kindly. What have you been up to? I’ve been catching up on Haikyuu!!, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Delicious in Dungeon lately. I also upgraded to Fitness Boxing 2 on the Nintendo Switch, which includes some awesome quality-of-life improvements that I’ve been enjoying a lot. Speaking of quality-of-life improvements for the Switch… here’s this week’s news.

Sony Quietly Shutting Down PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP Online Stores

Last week, The Gamer reported that Sony planned to permanently close the PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP online storefronts later this year. Over the weekend, ResetEra users discovered that these stores are no longer available via browser. As Eurogamer explained, Sony launched a new website back in October that discontinued access to PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP games, although customers could still access these features through a region-specific URL. This URL stopped working over the weekend, meaning players can now only purchase PlayStation 4 and 5 games via the online store. However, these stores are still available through each console. Players have until July 2 to get PSP and PS3 games through the PlayStation Network store, and until August 27 to get PS Vita games.

Nintendo Reportedly Updating Switch Graphics for Late 2021

Rumors of an upgraded Nintendo Switch “pro” model have been swirling about since at least 2019. The Switch hasn’t had any major hardware upgrades since it launched in 2017, but Bloomberg has been reporting development updates on the possible new model since March 2020. According to Bloomberg’s latest, the next console will contain Nvidia chips for improved processing and graphics as well as an OLED display upgrade that would allow the console to display games in 4k when connected to a TV.


Gen Con, the largest tabletop game convention in the United States, has rescheduled this year’s event, which was originally supposed to be held in August. It is now scheduled for September 16–19, which overlaps with Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism. Gen Con issued an apology and said it now aims to “work with attendees, local organizations, and experts on implementing inclusivity for Jewish considerations in order to make the right decisions while we plan.” You can read their full statement on Gen Con’s blog.

Amazon Games opened a new studio in Montreal that will focus on AAA games.

Luke Crane, who recently launched and canceled the Perfect RPG project on Kickstarter, has resigned from his position as vice president and community head at Kickstarter. When the project launched, many were unhappy with Crane’s inclusion of game designer Adam Koebel, who was accused of inappropriate conduct last year. Many of the creatives involved in the campaign said they were not aware of Koebel’s involvement.

Niantic Labs, developer of the ever-popular Pokemon Go, is developing a Pikmin walking app and mobile game.

Microsoft wants to buy messaging app Discord for $10 billion.

Ghost of Tsushima film is in the works from John Wick director Chad Stahelski.

It’s been a long and somewhat dramatic journey, but Cooking Mama: Cookstar is now available on the PlayStation store. Mama has been freed.

And, finally, Razer is moving forward with their RGB face mask.