Many things come appropriately tagged with a foreboding “Do not eat!” label, but dice, unfortunately, do not. As the tabletop gaming industry continues to thrive with growing interest, more and more independent die makers are taking the opportunity to also grow their businesses, expand their inventories, and strut their stuff to show off their beautiful—and scrumptious-looking—creations for the world to see and even potentially hoard and own. Many of these dice are so aesthetically pleasing to look at that they also tread the line of being a little too delicious-looking for comfort.

I have rounded up a few examples that I personally have found to be pleasing to the eye and for taste buds to salivate over.

(I cannot guarantee that all of these sets listed below may still be available at the time of publishing. Regardless, I do ask and recommend you support these independent die makers and many others who are not listed here. Specialty dice sets are often only created as limited runs, and some creators may not take custom orders or commissions, so do carefully read all of their respective policies as you peruse below.)

Blue Marshmallow Dice by AdventurersWoodworks

An off-teal colored standard polyhedral dice set painted with vibrant pink numbers.

Although very simple looking at first glance, color choice is everything! These dice are colored in a way that is highly reminiscent of the sort of artificial, sugary goodness you may find in a kids’ cereal or a rolled-up, blueberry-flavored Halloween marshmallow treat. Adventurers Woodworks also has a pink version of this set if you are feeling strawberries instead.

Fluffy Cotton Candy Dice by 3DEgos

A light pink and blue standard polyhedral dice set coated with a dusting of white specs with white painted numbers.

Enhanced by the glitter that reminds me of a coating of powdered sugar, this set of dice would probably taste like cotton candy or some sort of berry blend (but you probably shouldn’t test that). Whether or not it is sour is up to you (it likely isn’t, it isn’t real food).

Chocolate Pastry Dice by CozyGamer

A clear polyhedral dice set that contains a random assortment of designs that bear semblance to different pastries and chocolate treats in each die's core.

What better way to express decadence than through dice? Each die has a different chocolatey treat inside its core, and it is molded at random. Cozy Gamer has tons of other dice that fit right in with the candy-esque variety, such as this mint-colored set if you ever want to pop a fresh one (except don’t). The shop’s latest addition includes another pastry dice set of the more colorful variety.

Watermelon Sugar Dice by Geekcasso

A standard polyhedral dice set that bears a milky, pink-colored surface with a small watermelon pastiche in each die.

Harry Styles is having a highly commendable moment right now, and I’m all here for it if it means crushing gender norms and keeping Watermelon Sugar jokes relevant for many more years to come. This set of dice has a sweet, milky appearance, each mixed with a watermelon piece that reminds you of a refreshing smoothie you can down on a hot day.

Coffee and Cream Dice by VulcariousRPG

A standard polyhedral dice set that is colored with a misty, swirling brown and black design to bear semblance to coffee with white painted numbers.

If you’re not in the mood for an icy cold beverage at the moment, a nice, warm cup of joe freshly brewed at a cafe might just be your current vibe. Even if you prefer your coffee totally black, you have to admit this dice set reeks of utter sophistication with just a light dash of cream.

Ramen Noodle Dice by dude20diceshop

A translucent yellow-colored standard polyhedral dice set that contains pieces that reference a ramen soup bowl, such as noodles and scallions.

And while we’re on the streak of much cozier, warmer foods, a hefty bowl of ramen is sure to satisfy the stomach on the chilliest of cold days or nights. Dude20diceshop also carries a set of dice dedicated to AriZona Beverages’ Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade.

Open Bar Cocktail Drink Dice by MinMaxMouse

A standard polyhedral dice set of assorted colors that references cocktail drinks.

When the night is still young, sometimes you just want to let loose! This colorful array of dice recalls mixtures of different types of cocktails, from a Bloody Mary-inspired D12 to a Mojito-inspired D6. MinMaxMouse also has pasta-themed dice in their shop.

And speaking of pasta…

SpaghettiOs Dice by DiceWench

A standard polyhedral dice set that contains O-shaped pieces that bear semblance to pasta within each translucent red-colored dice.

What is in SpaghettiOs tomato sauce that makes it taste the way it does? As far as I know, the answer to that question is sacred knowledge. Don’t worry, unlike real SpaghettiOs, you don’t have to question how long a can would last in your pantry with this dice set.

But this one being faked hasn’t stopped others from turning real food into dice.

Dice Made Out of 100% Real Black-Eyed Peas by TheDiceBuffet

A standard polyhedral dice set that contains a cluster of black-eyed peas—a white legume with a black center—inside each die. The beans are visible through each die.

This is actually not the first time that dice have been made out of beans, and CozyGamer, who makes the above coffee-themed dice, even uses real coffee beans in one set! It’s not surprising this trend has some appeal given that several legumes can fit snugly right in a standard D20 mold. The Dice Buffet also offers a dice set made out of real white rice, and those grains can find themselves in every nook and cranny of your home if you aren’t careful!

As interest in tabletop games continues to grow, even weirder sets are sure to come, so who knows what other delicious items die makers will figure out how to creatively fit within these handheld shapes.