Howdy gamers, what’s the latest? Like (seemingly) most of my Twitter timeline, I’ve been enjoying Hades, as well as Animal Crossing for those sweet, sweet fall updates. I’ve also been playing a lot of Going Under, where you play as an intern clearing the dungeons—er, offices—of failed startups in your company’s coworking space. It’s very good. Let us know what you’ve been playing over on Twitter! Now for this week’s news…

Employees Raise Allegations of Racism and Sexual Assault At Twitch

Earlier this summer, it seemed like the video game industry was facing a reckoning as employees at numerous studios and Twitch streamers came forward with allegations of sexual assault at studios and among streamers. According to a new report by, a number of Twitch employees have come forward about Twitch fostering a culture of sexism, racism, and sexual assault. The lengthy report describes a harrowing and toxic culture that often punished female Twitch employees and streamers.

Also this week, one streamer called out Twitch for attempting to coerce streamers into promoting brands without compensation:

Development on Indivisible Will Cease

Following the dissolution of Lab Zero Games after designer Mike Zaimont was accused of inappropriate behavior, Indivisible publisher 505 Games announced there will be no further development for the game. Indivisible will still be available to play, but, aside from updates that will bring Couch Co-Op, New Game+, and additional challenges to Nintendo Switch, will not be updated further.

A number of former Skullgirls and Indivisible artists and developers recently formed Future Club, an “employee-owned cooperative game development studio.” We wish them all the best in their new endeavors.

More Than 99% of PS4 Games Will Be Playable On the PS5

The knowledge that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible isn’t new—Sony first mentioned it all the way back in April 2019. However, a recent blog post from PlayStation announced further details ahead of the console’s November 12 release. It turns out players can expect to be able to play more than 99% of PS4 games on the PS5 at launch, regardless of whether they purchase the console with the disc drive or the digital-only edition.

Amazon Has Canceled Its Free-to-Play Shooter, Crucible

Amazon’s first AAA effort, Crucible, launched in May to middling reviews before returning to closed beta in July. After this rocky start, Amazon announced the game was officially canceled last week. Players already in the closed beta can enjoy a few more weeks of the game, including a “final playtest and community celebration” after which matchmaking will be disabled. Crucible will fully shut down at 3 p.m. ET on November 9.


Judge rules Apple isn’t allowed to block Epic Games from Unreal Engine, but they don’t have to let Fortnite back on the App Store, either.

New Final Fantasy XVI tidbits were released in a Famitsu interview:

If you, like me, were obsessed with American Girl dolls and stories as a child, check out this deep dive on Courtney, the new gamer doll.

Another Resident Evil movie is coming:

Bugsnax voice cast announced:

Among Us merch is coming, via Dual Wield Studio: