Howdy everyone, hope your September is off to a good start—it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through! There’s been no shortage of news this month, so let’s get into it.

Microsoft Announced New Xbox Release Dates and Price

A year after the initial announcement, Microsoft announced on September 9 that the next generation of Xbox consoles would hit stores on November 10. This includes the Xbox Series S, which Microsoft is marketing as an affordable next-gen option with backward compatibility, though it will not support physical media. The other new console, the Xbox Series X, has far more processing power and storage, and will be able to display games in 4k. Xbox Series S will retail for $299 USD, while Xbox Series X will cost $499 USD.

Ubisoft Would Really Like You To Forget About Its Misconduct Allegations, Thanks

At Ubisoft’s “Ubisoft Forward” event last week, the company announced it will release Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia this holiday season. Though the game was released digitally in 2010, it was delisted in 2014, frustrating fans.

Ahead of the event, Ubisoft tweeted a video statement by CEO Yves Guillemot in which he apologized to those hurt by employees accused of misconduct. The video was not included in the presentation, allegedly due to “time constraints.” Numerous employees brought these allegations to light over the summer, resulting in “restructuring” and a plan for “comprehensive changes” at the company. Though this is not Guillemot’s first public statement regarding these issues, it is his first apology.


GameStop Will Close Up To 450 More Stores

Last Wednesday, reported major losses for GameStop, with sales down 27% year over year. As part of its plan to offset losses, Gamestop closed 321 stores in 2019. In 2020, GameStop closed 388 stores and announced plans to close an additional 400 to 450 stores this year.


Ninja has returned to Twitch.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause game delays. has a job board!

Missing your local arcade? Charles Entertainment Cheese, anthropomorphic rat mascot of Chuck E. Cheese, streams on Twitch now.