is the internet’s resident earnest-yet-creepy* gaming site, and we’ve dusted off, spruced up, and collected 15 pieces** that we believe represent the decade!***. This zine is a good primer if you’re new to our site or want to show someone what we’re about—it’s got some zany bits, some political bits, some heartwarming bits, and is just generally a delight. You can buy it right now on Itch!

The zine includes:

Confessions of a Gamer Mom by Wendy Browne
Death in Games, According to a Five-Year-Old by Al Rosenberg
Animal Crossing Saved My Life by Rosie Knight
Hot Dads of Gaming: Bowser Is the Most Underrated Hot Dad in Gaming by Georgia Bear
Video Game Comics: David & Lara by Claire Napier
Mystic Messenger Trash: How Abuse Hides Itself as Love in Jumin’s Route by Naseem Jamnia
Cherry Blossoms and Busty Babes: Ōkami and Misogyny in Western Gaming by Zainabb Hull
Customizable Player Characters Don’t Replace Diverse Leads by Heather Wells
The Thin Blue Webline: Spider-Cops Are Bastards by Nola Pfau
The Best Thing About Fantasy Football Is Annoying Your Coworkers by Jameson Hampton
Rich in Friends: Finding All 900 Koroks in Breath of the Wild by E. Forney
Grow Up: Gone Home Is Wonderfully, Perfectly YA by Melissa Brinks
Socialism Isn’t A Dirty Word: An Interview with The Glory Society by Emily Durham
Breath of the Wild Got Me To Actually Do My PhD by Kelly Richards
“2019 Roundtable: Our Favorite Games of 2020” by the Sidequest Crew

Each of the first 14 pieces were originally published here on the site, and still are (and will remain) free to read. The 15th (“Our Favorite Games of 2020”) is a zine-exclusive piece, and we’re sure it will age, just, incredibly well. In buying the zine, you get access to that 15th piece and get to see the 14 others in all their sleek, typeset glory.

Proceeds from the zine PDF will go toward keeping the site up and running, as well as funding a small print run when we feel a little better about the state of public health in the United States.

* real heavy on the earnest, if we’re being honest
** well, 14 and a weird one
*** we launched in 2014