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I just started Adorable Home, a free game available on iOS and Android, because all of my friends are addicted to it. My main motivation to play it is because the animal visitors you might meet include a koala, a fox, and a deer!

Let us know on Twitter what games you’re currently playing and what games you’re looking forward to! Here’s news we’re thinking about this week:

Game Developers Conference Postponed

The annual Game Developers Conference was scheduled for March 16-20 in San Francisco, but has now been postponed for some time this summer. A number of major companies including Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft, and Kojima Productions had canceled plans to attend. Many game developers are taking a financial hit as they won’t be able to recoup expenses they’ve already spent towards attending GDC, so be on the lookout on Twitter for ways you can support developers! Emily Grace Buck is one of many developers whom you might be interested in following on Twitter for more about GDC and its impact on indie devs, as is Cassia Curran:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Drops

At long last, a playable demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now on the PlayStation Store, and it’s free.

In other news about Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix has stated that though part one’s release had to be delayed until April 10, this delay will not impact development of part 2. Also, the game will be exclusive to Sony platforms until April 2021.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Customization

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is swiftly approaching with its release on March 20, and last week we found out new details:

Sam Loveridge, Editor-in-Chief of Games Radar, played a preview of the game and reported how character customization works, as well as how you progress as an islander setting up your home.

Monster Hunter Movie Posters Revealed

Monster Hunter releases in theaters this September. The movie, which stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa and is directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, revealed two posters of its stars.

Jovovich is wielding the Giant Jawblade while Jaa has the Great Hunter’s Bow.

Animal Crossing Booth at PAX East

PAX East, a large convention with a sizable presence from major video game companies, occurred last week and this past weekend in Boston. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons booth was a popular attraction. Isabelle and Tom Nook were there, of course.

Apex Legends‘ New Deja Loot Mode

Apex Legends‘ new event from March 3 to March 17, System Override Collection, has a new mode called Deja Loot where all loot is static instead of randomly spawned. The first week will be on the World’s Edge map, and the second will be on Kings Canyon, the original map of the game.

Overwatch Mardi Gras Event and Experimental Mode

Overwatch has a Mardi Gras event running until March 9 that includes a Mardi Gras Ashe skin and a new Arcade game type, Experimental Mode. The developers will use this mode to test different gameplay modes; the current Experimental Mode has teams composed of three damage heroes, two supports, and one tank.

More News

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