Happy Wednesday, and happy 2020! Every Wednesday, Sidequest gives you a round-up of the week’s gaming news. What games have you been playing lately? I finally started Star Wars Battlefront II and have been playing the campaign. I love the main player character, Iden Versio, and the moral conflicts she faces as an Imperial commander, especially when she’s commanded to attack her home planet. I’ve also been continuing to play a little bit of Ghost Recon Wildlands and replay GTA V story mode. Ultimately, I’m just waiting for my most anticipated release of any media—game, movie, show, or book—in 2020, which is:

Let us know on Twitter what games you’re playing and what games you’re looking forward to, and check back every Wednesday for more news!

Maddy Myers Recaps Gender in Games Journalism

Maddy Myers, the managing editor of Kotaku and one of the most prominent journalists about video games for many years, kicks off 2020 with this must-read article about gender and video games.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leaks

Game files from the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake leaked. Here are over 100 screenshots from the leaks. The game officially releases on March 3.

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