Happy New Year! Welcome, all, to a new decade! I’m honored to bring you the first round of 2020’s gaming news hot off the presses. So let’s start with what’s most important to me:

Baby Sonic Is an Abomination

Everyone, by now, has heard about the absolute disaster that was the original Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer. (The second Sonic design is, admittedly, much better.) But in a brand new, exclusive Japanese trailer for the February release of the movie, it is revealed that the movie will delve into the childhood of the eponymous hedgehog. The new version, known as “Baby Sonic” according to Paramount Pictures’ Japanese Twitter account, has never before been rendered in a game. For good reason, in my opinion; I hate it. Large swaths of the internet are telling Baby Yoda to move over for the new Baby Sonic, but I, for one, will never lose my allegiance to my tiny green boy. Also Baby Sonic is bad to look at with my eyes.

Sony Patents a New PlayStation Controller

On December 26, Sony received a very nice present: approval for a patent on a new type of PlayStation controller. The new controller design is very similar to the DualShock 4 design used for the PlayStation 4 controller, but interestingly, it does not include a visible PlayStation button and does include two new buttons on the back of the controller. This design is just a patent, so there’s no guarantee that the new controller will be released, but it seems Sony is being proactive on locking down this potential design.

Fallout 76’s Christmas is Interrupted by Inventory-Stealing Hackers

In the neverending miasma of Fallout 76 melodrama, the game was hit just before Christmas by hackers who stole other players’ inventories. The hackers, who were able to open up the inventories and basically help themselves, could take everything a player had earned. Over 500 players were affected on camera.

“Overwhelming Response” Forces Niantic to Disable “Wayfarer” Tool

In 2019, Niantic announced that it planned to enhance the feature of allowing regular players to nominate Pokestop and Gym locations for Pokemon GO using a tool called Niantic Wayfarer. Players above Level 40 would have had the ability to suggest changes and updates to these locations, but Niantic seems to have drastically underestimated how many Pokemon GO players wanted to try out the new system. Less than a day after the new system went live, Niantic was forced to shut it down due to “overwhelming response” and fears of server stability issues.

In Other News…