Howdy, gamers! What’s everyone been up to lately? I’ve been watching a lot of Dark Souls 3 while recovering from a cold, but my spirits remain merry and bright! I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit, heading home for the holidays, and forcing my mom to watch The Witcher on Netflix with me. Speaking of Witcher news, you can now listen to Geralt himself read from The Last Wish, the first chronological book in the Witcher series, ahead of the show’s release this weekend on December 20. Now, here’s all the non-Geralt news that happened last week.

The Wolf Among Us is Getting a Second Season

Just a little more than a year after Telltale Games shut down, a second season of The Wolf Among Us was announced at the Game Awards. LCG Entertainment, which purchased Telltale’s assets, relaunched Telltale Games in August. Lest we forget, this follows a challenging couple of years for Telltale, during which it laid off a quarter of its workforce and its employees brought the studio’s toxic culture to light. The Wolf Among Us 2 is the first game they have announced, and LCG/Telltale stated they would be partnering with AdHoc Studio, which was founded by several former Telltale developers.

CEO of Dangen Entertainment, a Japanese Indie Publisher, Stepped Down After Harassment Allegations

Ben Judd, CEO of Dangen Entertainment, stepped down on December 12 after multiple people accused him of harassment and bad business practices. An anonymous writer made the initial accusations in a Medium post, which was removed by Medium but archived on WordPress. Dangen Entertainment responded in their own Medium post, also now archived. The anonymous writer responded in a second post and mentioned a Twitter thread from a designer named Alex that called out Judd’s predatory behavior. Following the numerous allegations, Judd resigned from his position at Dangen and stepped away from other industry projects. His public statement, posted on Dangen’s blog, does not specifically address any of the accusations. has published one of the most thorough and detailed articles about the situation.

The Game Awards Were Just as Much Game as Award

In addition to lauding 2019’s best games, this year’s game awards were filled with announcements. Sekiro won Best Game, while Disco Elysium took home awards in four categories—one for every category it was nominated in. Xbox finally revealed its next console, the Xbox Series X, a boxy, tower-shaped console that seems a lot like a gaming PC. PC Gamer rounded up the game announcements, while Kotaku has the full list of winners.