Happy Wednesday! What games are you playing lately? I’ve been playing Control, where you use telekinesis powers to fling objects at monsters inside a secret government facility while searching for your missing brother. Here’s a clip of me scrambling to telekinetically throw barrels and rocks at enemies:

If you’re curious about Control, the latest episode of The Polygon Show discusses its many spooky aspects, including genre ties to Twin Peaks and Alan Wake (more on Alan Wake below), and haunted houses. Let us know on Twitter what games you’re currently playing and looking forward to! If you have a lot more to say about a game or games, have you thought about pitching us? Here’s news we’ve been thinking about this week while we get ready for the Nintendo Switch Lite and Link’s Awakening, both which release on September 20!

New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer and Gameplay

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake released last week at Tokyo Game Show, showing much more of the game than we’d seen before:

The Turks are here, including Reno, Rude, and Tseng.

A minigame where you do pull-ups!

Plus Frog Cloud with a tiny buster sword, Shiva, and Aerith’s fancy red dress:

More gameplay footage was also shown at Tokyo Game Show. The full video includes combat with Cloud and Barrett and combat with Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud. Here’s a clip:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will also offer an optional turn-based “classic” mode for combat.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 released last week. Here’s a guide showing the different combat styles of the four playable Vault Hunter characters, how weapon classes and grenade mods work, vehicles, and more:

A number of Borderlands 3 players on PC have encountered connectivity and performance problems. Since Borderlands 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, and Epic Games Store doesn’t have user reviews or forums, players have been complaining in the Borderlands 2 forums on Steam.

Modern Warfare Open Beta

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had a PS4-exclusive first weekend of open beta last weekend. From September 19 to September 23, the open beta will continue with crossplay on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Starting September 21, the open beta will include a 32 players vs. 32 players mode.

More News

GameStop will close 180 to 200 stores between now and February 2020, says GameStop’s CEO. The company also had layoffs in August.

Here’s an in-depth review of Shadowbringers, the expansion to Final Fantasy XIV which released in July.

ICYMI: Blizzard announced earlier this month that Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15.

Capcom is releasing an online survival horror game set in the world of Resident Evil. Project Resistance will be a 4 vs. 1 co-op game.

Pokémon Sword and Shield, which releases on November 15, teased a new glitched Pokémon.

Nintendo is releasing a ring-shaped controller, the Ring-Con, next month, along with a new exercise game, Ring Fit Adventure for Switch.

Sayonara Wild Hearts will release on September 19 not only on Switch and PS4, but notably on Apple’s new game subscription service, Apple Arcade.

A DLC for Control that releases next year teases its connection to Alan Wake, which is also developed by Remedy.