Hello, It’s Nola, and I’m here to get YOUR game on. Why am I so selfless and amazing? Why have I done you this kindness? I am as mysterious as I am magnanimous.

Apex Legends has a new Solo mode! Presumably, players who have been hella cheating at the game otherwise are attempting to spread to this mode as well. Maybe this time they won’t get their data stolen!

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 4 releases this Thursday, August 22. I imagine they’ve gotta be loving life, being basically the only choice-driven narrative game in that style with a currently active development team. Hey, remember when we were gonna get a sequel to The Wolf Among Us? I… need a moment, here.

*muffled sobbing*

On the game-adjacent front, Polygon did a neat feature about streaming fans, and the experience of watching a game rather than playing. It’s honestly a fascinating phenomenon, and it’s nice to see it get some coverage, given the way it’s shaped the last few years of gaming.

They have a playable demo of FF7R at Gamescom and I’m dying, hey guess what I will never ever shut up about Final Fantasy.

Also the remaster of Final Fantasy VIII got a release date and it’s September 3rd which is so close and I’m dying! The timing is actually perfect—I’ve just beaten Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and August 30th will see two free DLC characters drop for that game. I imagine by the 3rd I’ll be bored with them until the first proper DLC pack comes out at the end of September, which is gonna give me a solid month of time with my favorite SeeDs. Can’t wait to do SO MUCH DRAWING AND JUNCTIONING MAGIC! No word yet on how or whether the Pocketstation title Chocobo World will be functional and included in the remaster—the Steam release of the original had a version of it that worked, but a separate app might be a little clunky for consoles. Then again, who knows!

In yet more Square-Enix news, a new gameplay video for their Avengers game dropped, as they try to generate a little buzz in the face of the game’s so-far lackluster reception. I’ll be honest—it doesn’t look great! I’ll be even more honest—I’m gonna play it anyway! There’s something about “basic brawler game” that just sucks me in when you slap some superhero skins on the player characters. I’m part of the problem, I know!

That’s all I got for you, go away!