Hello and welcome to GYGO! I’m Kael, your local cyberpunk fanboy, and I’m disappointed that in 2077 we still can’t imagine a word in which homophobia isn’t the norm! Anyway, if you’re tired of that hot E3 discourse and want some (mostly) unrelated news, I have you covered.

Massive Layoffs at Starbreeze Studio

Starbreeze Studio, creators of Payday 2, have been reportedly experiencing financial difficulties since the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead. They’ve since started selling off IPs and other assets to help fund their operational cost. Most recently their cost-cutting methods also include massive layoffs, around 25 percent of their total workforce. As of writing the layoffs have not gone through, but would account for 60 staff members, saving the company around $317,000 a month at a very human cost.

More Information Revealed About Google Streaming Service

Google’s new streaming service, Stadia, is set to allow subscribers to stream their games to a Chromecast device rather than a high-end PC or console. The service will have adjustable quality settings to match a range of internet speeds. There will be a free version and a $10 per month pro subscription. Subscribers will also be required to purchase the game they want to play on the platform. As usual with Google services, I’m filled with mixed feelings about Stadia. It’s amazing that it can lower the cost associated with gaming. At the same time, I suspect that it will be subsidized by Google’s practice of collecting user data and selling it at the cost of consumer privacy.

Overwatch League Pride Day Censored in South Korea

This week the Overwatch League celebrated Pride Day, an event in which fans and staff express their pride and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. This includes signs, rainbow clothing, pride flags, and more—all of which can be seen on the American broadcast of the Overwatch League event. Where it cannot be seen, however, is the South Korean broadcast, which had many of the pan shots of the audience cut on a local level. According to Kotaku, there was reportedly little to no mention of the event by announcers. While the censorship is mostly the fault of conservatism on LGBTQIA+ issues and South Korean broadcast standards, it is telling that the Overwatch League didn’t take a stronger stance on localization following last year’s censorship in the same market.

Nintendo Threatens Twitter User Over Leaked Trade Secrets

A video game social media presence, who goes by the name of Sabi, built a brand out of leaking information on Twitter and Discord. Leading up to this year’s E3, Sabi released accurate information ahead of Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Bethesda’s conferences. Sabi also promised that more information was forthcoming, including advanced details of this week’s Nintendo Direct. Nintendo reportedly responded with a phone call and email from an affiliated lawyer, promising a review of Nintendo’s legal options should Sabi continue their “misappropriation of trade secrets.”

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