Hello, friends and welcome to this week’s GYGO! I’m Avery, Sidequest’s resident little red panda, and I’ve dug my way out of my ever-growing blanket pile again to bring you this week’s biggest weekly gaming news.

More Bad News From the World of Game Developers

Sadly, it has become all too commonplace to see almost weekly articles on the terrible working conditions experienced by current and ex-game developers, and this week has been no different. Last Friday, Kotaku reported on attempts made by League of Legends publisher Riot Games to block current female employees from taking legal action against the company for legal discrimination, whilst PC Gamer reported on the frequent 80 to100-hour weeks worked by NetherRealm employees during Mortal Kombat 9, X, and Injustice 2 development.

More than “Just a Game”: “Dementia Research through Gaming”

A video game has been developed to help identify early signs of dementia, which may help researchers and doctors to catch Alzheimer’s Disease early enough to increase the chances of treatment working. Over 4.3 million people played Sea Hero Quest and took part in the largest dementia study in history. The game, developed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, game studio Glitchers, UCL and the University of East Anglia in the UK, was initially available to play in 2018 as a mobile game and is now available as a VR game for free on the Oculus store.

Other News for You