Welcome to GYGO! I’m Kael, your former games warlock, and since leaving Games Bleat I’ve been working hard on making our Twitter and Facebook as great as it can be! You know I couldn’t stay away from the news for long though, so I’m back to tell you what’s been going on in the world of gaming.

Gearbox Former Council and CEO Caught in Competing Lawsuits

Gearbox’s former lawyer, Wade Callendar, is suing CEO Randy Pitchford for a multitude of complaints. Pitchford was already suing Callendar for breach of fiduciary duty. Callendar’s lawsuit claims that Pitchford received a $12,000,000 “executive bonus” that was paid against profits from Borderlands, that would otherwise go to staff. More distressingly, Callendar claims that Pitchford left a USB drive containing sensitive company data, as well Pitchford’s personal collection of underage pornography at a restaurant. According to Kotaku, Pitchford claims that the footage is of a camgirl, whom he personally recorded, and described as “barely legal.”

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Community Sucks

Red Dead Redemption 2 players are apparently set to ruin my faith in humanity. According to The Verge, YouTubers are enacting racial and sexist atrocities for shock views, and racist asshats are treating the online chat like Civil War slice-of-life roleplay. Players of Black, female, and especially Black female characters are reporting stressful gameplay in which they are singled out by bad actors. It’s unclear whether Rockstar will incorporate any moderation in the future.

Trans Charity Stream Receives $340,000 in Under 3 Days

In good news, H.Bomberguy raised $340,000 for UK based charity, Mermaids, which supports trans youth. This followed questioning of Mermaids’ funding, a portion of which comes from national lottery ticket sales in the UK, allegedly instigated by The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan. The stream followed H.Bomberguy for over 57 hours, as he performed a 100 percent run of Donkey Kong 64. Along the way he received a few high profile visits via Discord—including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, John Romero, Jim Sterling, and Chelsea Manning.

In Other News…

  • Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event starts… tomorrow!

  • Also… this: