Happy New Year! Get Your Game On is Sidequest’s weekly news round-up. Check back every Wednesday for more news, interesting links, and deals on games. What have you been playing this week? I’ve been playing Night in the Woods on Switch. It’s my first playthrough of the game, and I can’t wait to know what happens to Mae and Bea. I’m also playing GTA Online on PC because it’s free and doesn’t require a subscription service like it does on PS4.

Here’s some of the news we’ve been thinking about this week:

New Levels for Celeste

Celeste, winner at The Game Awards for Best Independent Game, will receive new levels this year.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC will release on a rolling basis this year and will include Mii Fighter costumes.

While we’re talking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, here’s a primer on its weekly events.

Persona 5 R Teaser Trailer Released

Atlus, the developers of Persona 5, revealed a teaser trailer for Persona 5 R that suggests we’ll know more in March 2019. The trailer includes the PlayStation splash screen used for many PS4 game trailers. Unfortunately, no information is given about other consoles, like Switch.

Final Fantasy 14 Patches

Final Fantasy 14 will receive a patch on January 8th that includes a character from Final Fantasy 12, Fran. The second part of this patch will release in March with new story quests. On that note, here’s some fan art:

Anthem Gameplay on Twitch

Anthem, which releases February 22nd, has an official Twitch channel where developers have been showing off some gameplay.

Lawsuits Over Fortnite Dances

If you want to know what’s been happening with the various people suing Epic Games over its dance emotes, here is an ongoing list of updates.

More News

Bethesda is giving Fallout 76 players the Fallout Classic Collection for free sometime in January.

Atlas, a pirate-based MMO from the studio behind Ark: Survival Evolved, released last month but had a number of problems. Developers apologized and put the game on sale.

Red Dead Redemption II outsold Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in November. Black Ops 4 was still the best seller for the year as of the end of November. Also in November sales, Let’s Go, Pikachu outsold Let’s Go, Eevee.

Steam revealed its best-selling games of the year, with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dota 2, GTA V, PUBG, and Warframe all in the top group. In the vein of older games with a large player base like Dota 2, it’s also interesting to see Elder Scrolls Online and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the top selling group. You can poke around Steam’s best of lists for yourself right through here.

Finji, the publisher of Night in the Woods, noted they would have an Xbox One Adaptive Controller at their convention appearances.

Games Bleat

Welcome to Games Bleat! Please allow the cold embrace of a gamer’s knowledge to envelop you. I’m Kael, your resident games warlock, and I’ve drunk deeply of the eldritch soup to bring you this week’s sales and new releases.

First are the deals, brought straight from the elder pit at Sar’thak.

Now for some new releases—plucked straight from the unholy tree that births all new games.

First is Void & Meddler, which just released its second episode. Void & Meddler follows Fyn, a girl fed up with an aimless life. She takes to her cyberpunk city to mix things up and experience something real. You guide her by way of point-and-click adventure, hopefully enjoying the wild visuals and stunning soundtrack inspired by 80s noise and synthwave.

Next is Last Minute Love, a dating sim unlike most I’ve seen. You play an old person living in a nursing home, trying to find love in the twilight of their life. There are four different residents (and one nurse) that can be romanced, spanning multiple genders and walks of life. It’s honestly great to see the romance game genre opening up to different perspectives, and for designers to challenge the idea that there’s a timer on finding love.

And that’s it for this week’s bleat. I’m off to go purge my body of its earthly energies so that I may better unify with the dark god of gamers, but I’ll catch you next week for more sales and games!