Howdy, gaming lovelies! For those that celebrate, we’re less than one week out from Christmas! Remember to sneak in a little self-care with some gaming and some fancy hot cocoa. On to the news, ho ho ho!

Neopets Nostalgia in a Flash-less Age

As the bane of many a web developer’s existence rolls along to its end of life, there’s at least one group of people who might actually miss Adobe Flash: Neopets gamers. Although Neopets is working on a mobile-friendly app, the main site is a beautiful mess of Flash-dominated interaction. For gamers of a certain age, it’s the death knell of our pocket game dreams.

Rest in peace, you sweet nightmare

Real-World D&D: California Election Resolved with a D20

While it doesn’t necessarily make Scott Konopasek, assistant registrar of voters in Contra Costa County, a game master, the creative solution to resolving a tie-race will impress even the most battle-worn dark elves. In the same race for Byron-Bethany Irrigation District’s board, two men each received 51 votes. By California law, ties must be resolved by the drawing of lots. The roll off was live streamed on Facebook.

Amy Hennig to be Honored With GDC Lifetime Achievement Award

After three decades in the games industry, Amy Hennig will be honored with a Game Developers Choice Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award on March 20, 2019. Best known as the co-creator of Uncharted, she has professional experience in development, as a digital artist, animator, game designer and in the last two decades, as a writer and director.

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