Game Enjambment is a reoccurring poetry series on games and gaming. 

With Kingdom Hearts III due out in January, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about one of the game’s protagonists, Riku, and how his story throughout the series is so inextricably tied to Sora. 

Sora reaching out to Riku, with the words, "We'll go together," superimposed on the screen. Kingdom Hearts II, Square Enix, 2005.

Without knowing, you dove
reaching through the nightmares
his dreams held in your grasp
You couldn’t let him go.
Oh, broken boy, it hurts
to see his heart lunge towards danger
without a thought
to fractures.
You walked that path once
not seeing that he walked with you
hearts entwined in light
when darkness pulled.
But were you really?
When his splintered thoughts were of you
when his legs gave out at last
and his hand found yours.
How wonderful that hope
lies in the smile of a carefree boy
whom you swore to protect
with all your heart.

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