The best thing about tabletop RPGs becoming more popular and accessible than ever is that it’s far easier to find a group to play with. Artists are filling social media feeds with gorgeous art of their tabletop characters, and it’s natural to want some gorgeous art of your own—but how to find the right artist? What if your fave isn’t doing commissions? Is it rude to ask? What if you don’t know every artist out there and you can’t find exactly the right person to draw your invincible punch-mage?

Fear not, fellow players. We here at Sidequest have rounded up our favorite artists who specifically enjoy designing tabletop characters! They may not always be open for work, so please double-check their websites and social media before reaching out!

Conner Fawcett

I have never commissioned Connor Fawcett because I am always the DM, but if I wasn’t, he’d be one of the first people I’d want to draw my character. I love the simplicity of the lines and the color palettes, but it’s more than that—each character portrait suggests a whole personality to me when I see it. Someday, someday! You can keep an eye on his Twitter and his website for commission information.

— Melissa Brinks


Becca Farrow

I want to meet every single one of these characters! Becca Farrow’s character designs have so much personality, and she also sometimes does these neat trading card commissions, which are so rad and unusual, I need twenty? There is nobody else on earth I want to draw my half-orc baker with a rolling pin who I have played exactly once than Becca. You can shoot her an email (listed on her website) to see if she’s available for commissions.

— Melissa Brinks



roy is a player in my Magical Girl themed D&D game and also one of the hosts of the Actual Play podcast Dungeons and Lesbians! I have commissioned her multiple times for pictures of my PC and his party, and I cannot recommend her enough. I usually message roy through Tumblr or a Twitter DM! Her rates can be found on her Tumblr.

— Scout Schiro


Jacob Michael

Jacob was my first DM, and his art of my PC has been featured on Sidequest before in my Let Me Tell You About My OC piece! I’ve commissioned him before and he has a very distinct style which I love. His rates are available on his art Instagram, @jacboheart!

— Scout Schiro



Adrienne is a queer ace person of color in the Philippines, and a lover of undercuts. I found their work via Tumblr and wanted to promote it. All their info can be found at their pinned tweet, and if you’re looking specifically for the commission info, it’s on their Tumblr.

— E. Forney



Nat is a queer artist from Poland. Her art features colorful, bold, and emotive examples of tabletop and fantasy characters. Information about how to commission her is located on her DeviantArt.

— E. Forney


You may have seen Zach’s work on Reddit; his mini griffin, painted to look like his green-cheeked conure, was recently on the front page. Zach also makes 2D art commissions and fanart of bright, chubby characters (when he isn’t running the DnD campaign I’m playing in!). You can find his commission information on Tumblr.

— E. Forney



I actually found Robert when their datefriend @EnbyDal posted a viral tweet about commissions! It’s all a little meta… But Robert creates fantastic maps for DnD and similar one-shot TTRPGs on their Patreon.

— E. Forney


Igor is an artist based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I would describe their style as colorful and crayon-esque, capturing the cute and nostalgic elements of characters in every piece. Check out Igor’s Twitter page to see if commissions are open and contact them.

— E. Forney

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