Howdy, gaming lovelies! The end of summer has arrived and the impending fall is filling me with sadness. This week’s game news doesn’t do much to help either, so I’m adding smidges of light and fun. Think of them as my digital cupcake of happiness to you. So grab a cuppa something yummy and read on for the news!

Riot Games: The Quest for Equality Begins

Last month, Kotaku published an expose after a long investigation on the sexism built into the culture at Riot Games. Yup, that Riot Games, the ones who developed League of Legends. This week, Riot Games posted their plans for their “first steps” on their website. Additionally, they hosted workshops at this weekend’s PAX West for women and nonbinary folks interested in working in the game industry, which, of course met criticism on being “reverse sexist.”

Listen, I’m always happy when a company decides to take a hard look at itself and its culture. But honestly, I’ve heard promises before. Quite frankly so have those in the comments railing against “hiring a woman, just because she’s a woman”  have too. Real, honest change takes hard work and time. I’ll be cheering Riot on from the sidelines, but I’m not holding my breath until their actions let me believe it.

Epic 33-player Fan-made Game of Thrones Tabletop Game

Game designer Defy Danger has released their latest game, Aegon’s Conquest, and it’s available for free at DrivethruRPG. Beware, Iron Throne seekers, that this megagame is not for the faint of heart. Thirty-three players divide into teams representing the eight lordly Houses of Westeros and even a Commander of the Night’s Watch. A mere several hours’ worth of play will help you gain the power your kingdom needs to unite the fractured Westeros.

Three Artists Detained and Denied Entry

Traveling internationally from Europe, three artists on their way to Wizards of the Coasts HQ for a concept meeting were detained and eventually denied entry over their visas. The incident originally was posted on Twitter from one of the artist’s perspective.

Wizards of the Coast has posted a response under their Magic: The Gathering Twitter account and has been referring gaming news organizations to it.

The Keyblade in Real Life!

After subjecting you to gorgeous LARP photos over the years, my love for props should come as no surprise. If  process makes your heart go pitter patter, then I have a treat for you! Man at Arms Reforged is a working forge that makes replicas of all your favorite gaming, sci-fi and fantasy weapons. This week they added their latest build of this Kingdom Hearts‘ classic.

Other Gaming News You Can Use

Games Bleat

Welcome to Games Bleat! I’m Kael, you local gaming alchemist, and I’m over here brewing caffeinated potions to help me recover from PAX West. Luckily for you I accidentally added some mandrake and got these fresh deals instead!





The fumes from my alchemical experiments also gave me these visions of brand new releases!

Divinity: Original Sin 2, a turn based RPG with an engaging storyline and some strategy elements, is coming for Xbox One and PlayStation 4! I played through the campaign on PC with a friend, and I cannot overstate the joy of doing everything you can to break the game together! It’s rare to find an RPG that offers the customization of Dragon Age or Skyrim in multiplayer (though it’s just as fun to play solo, I promise).

Next is Claws of Furry, a riff on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, but with cats. A team of up to four players gets together to beat their way to their captive master. All that’s great, but what really gets me is the phrase “unlockable outfits” hidden in the description!

Finally I have Sol Hemochroma, an enigmatic visual novel about “blood, alchemy, and warm beer.” I gotta be honest, I have no idea what this game brings to the table, but it looks really cool, and I’m excited to dive into it!

Well, that’s it for this week’s bleat! I’ll catch you next time, when hopefully this this phosphor headache will have cleared up.