Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies. We’re hot off the heels of San Diego Comic Con with a bye week before Gen Con (and GenCant) hit full force next week. So grab an iced coffee, rest your wits, and read up on the news.

From Video Game to Comics

The creative team for the Life is Strange comic announced in March has finally been revealed. Published by Titan Comics, the new series will be written by Emma Vieceli with interior art and covers by Claudia Leonardi, and colors by Andrea Izzo. The story is set to explore the way to a possible future for one of the original game’s two endings. The series launches November 2018.

Dark Horse is working on a new book in their Dragon Age line, Dragon Age: Deception. The creative team from the previous comic, Dragon Age: Errant Knight, espoused writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, artist Fernando Heinz Furukawa, and colorist Michael Atiyeh are reunited for this new addition to the Dragon Age canon. The three-issue story arc hits stands October 10, 2018.

Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake?

Uncharted and Nathan Fillion fans rejoice! This 15-minute fan film dropped in time for San Diego Comic Con and already has over three million views. The film has even won praise from Amy Hennig, Creative Director and Writer for the series.

Post-Apocalyptic LARP: OldTown

Anyone who’s read my contributions to this column know my big ‘ole soft spot for LARP. Pair it with my love for all things dystopian and you can feel my serious envy for missing out on the Old Town Festival in Poland last weekend. Billed as the largest post-apocalytic festival in Europe, it makes my heart go pitter patter. Check out the event trailer and then head to Instagram for some amazing event candids.

Other News You Can Use

Games Bleat

Welcome to Games Bleat! I’m Kael, your local Kingdom Hearts enthusiast, and I spent hours last week searching for the final torn page so I could watch Sora and Winnie the Pooh confronting mortality.

I’ll start off this week with some new releases! First of is Semblance, a cute puzzle platformer with a gimmick I haven’t seen before. The player deforms themself and the world around them to solve environmental puzzles and save their world from crystalline terrors.

Next is Food Fantasy, a turn based JRPG and restaurant management sim for iOS and Android. To be honest I have no idea how Diner Dash and Final Fantasy come together but I am 100 percent here for it, especially since it looks so gorgeous!

Finally there’s Candle: The Power of the Flame, a puzzle platformer with hand painted watercolor backgrounds. From the trailers it looks like this game is full of character and life, though I am a little wary to see if the developers engage with the game’s “shamanistic” premise without falling on racist tropes.

And now for the deals!




That’s it for this week’s bleat! Come back next time and maybe I’ll have angrily made it through Chain of Memories!