Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies!

Romancing the dialogue in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Finally! In depth E3 reporting I can get behind. Simone de Rochefort’s personal mission to find romance between her character, Kassandra, and NPC, Kyra. It’s not just about flirty banter and sly looks; we’re talking passionate kissing and sex under the stars. The accents are terrible and the relationship build-up sounds a little weak but something about seeing these ladies in-game lust makes my heart go pitter-patter and my other parts flutter as well. Impatient with the 5 minute video? Jump to 1:40 and 2:43 for the goods.

New gaming magazine, Rolled and Told, combines your love of comics and gaming

Diverse indie publisher, Lion Forge, is branching out with a new imprint, Quillion, that’s mixing tabletop gaming and comics. First up on the Quillion agenda is the fall launch of Rolled and Told, a monthly comic-book style magazine that will include illustrations, articles and ready-to-play adventures. Looking at the early images, I’m hoping this will have the early flair of comic Rat Queens, with a dash of the educational aspects of Bitch Planet and the freshness of a print and play or game jam.

American Girl doll’s new Xbox Gaming set

Young gamers, you have arrived! Now your American Girl doll, you know the $100+ dolls made to look like mini versions of their human overlords, can match your love for Xbox gaming. Complete with gaming chair, mini controller and an Xbox, you and your doll can play into the wee hours of the morning together. All kidding aside, it is kind of cool that the gaming chair is also a speaker and the console a projector. For the $50 price tag, I’m curious how many kids would rather just spend the money on more games.

Cuisine Royale no longer just an April’s Fool’s joke

Silly as it may sounds, two types of games always draw me in: anything related to cats and anything related to cooking. Originally created as an April Fool’s joke, Cuisine Royale is a kitchen-warfare battle royale shooter game. The promo images show buff men in boxers running about with guns, pans, colanders as hats, and random refrigerators in scene. The piece de resistance is the game trailer using the same music as the theme to the ever-popular Netflix documentary series, Chef’s Table. Cuisine Royale is currently free to play on Steam, so why not enjoy a laugh and some svelte guns too.

Other news you can use

Games Bleat

Welcome to Games Bleat! I’m Kael, your gaming space pirate, and I’ve been surfing solar flares all across the galaxy to bring you those cosmic deals and new releases.

Starting out the new games is Objects in Space, a game about trading in the cold unforgiving vacuum of the cosmos. It just hit early access, so expect some unpolished edges, but it’s got a nice modempunk-meets-cold-war-submarine aesthetic.

Next is The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which is the sequel to Life is Strange, created by DONTNOD Entertainment (the creators of the first series). It dropped on the 26th, for the amazing price of free—and no doubt will lead into Life is Strange 2.

Finally is NieR Automata: Become as Gods Edition for the Xbox One, which yes—isn’t actually a new game, but I’ll take any opportunity to spread the robot gospel. The new edition includes the challenge room style DLC for the original game, a few cosmetic additions for my favorite hot mess androids, and optimization for the Xbox One X.

Now for the deals! Steam’s summer sale is live, but as always I’ve been searching some of the smaller sales platforms to bring in some alternatives.


And that’s it for this week’s bleat! I’ve got some games to waylay, but I’ll catch you next week for both deals and news!