Welcome back to Wednesdays with me, your humble editor in chief! I have unsurprisingly fallen back into Overwatch thanks to the availability of every loot box. I’m a sucker for skins, what can I say! And I have the two most important ones thanks to some incredible luck: Barbarian Zarya and Shieldmaiden Brigitte. I can retire in peace.

When not playing characters I’m not particularly good at, I’ve been diving back into my playthrough of Final Fantasy X from 2014. I honestly thought my experiences of the game might be tainted by nostalgia, but noI sincerely love this game. Sure, it sets my heart a-flutter to think about the feeling of playing it for the first time, but there’s just something so lovely and earnest about its story and performances. I guess you could call it corny, but I find it refreshing.

Anyway, on with the news!

Steam in Hot Water

Steam announced this week that they won’t “police” what games make it onto the platform, unless those games are “illegal” or “straight up trolling.” This is likely in part due to the backlash against the release of Active Shooter, as well as the response to Steam’s proposed removal of several LGBTQ+ visual novels.

Steam’s customer support is famously unhelpful, and this hands-off approach to curation echoes some of the worst parts of the service. As Pillow Fight owner and former Sidequest contributor Jo Kreyling wrote in a Twitter thread:

Itch.io’s co-founder called the move “ridiculous,” in a Twitter thread, and invited those upset with the change to move to Itch, instead.

To make matters worse, in the wake of this announcement, Steam also has reportedly removed the LGBT tag from the service, meaning players can no longer search for games with the tag. An absolutely stunning look for Pride month, in my opinion.

E3 News

It’s literally impossible to keep track of all the news coming out of E3, so here are a few things the Sidequest team is talking about:

Gaming News Tidbits

A developer with Harebrained Studios has been let go after reports that he had sexually harassed multiple people arose on social media. While the accused, Tyler Carpenter, told Patrick Klepek at Waypoint that he had resigned, the studio said that Carpenter had been “dismissed from the company with immediate effect. All of this took place prior to the acquisition deal between Paradox and Harebrained Schemes being finalised, so therefore Paradox have no comment to make.”

Life is Strange and Vampyr developer Dontnod announced their new game ahead of E3 last week: Twin Mirror. Billed as a “story-driven investigation game,” it looks to channel the somewhat supernatural mystery of Twin Peaks with a dash of Indigo Prophecy, and also looks incredibly like my jam.

Android: Netrunner the Card Game is coming to an end alongside Fantasy Flight’s licensing deal with Wizards of the Coast. Andrew Navaro and Michael Boggs discussed their time working on the game in a heartfelt blog post over at the Fantasy Flight blog.

New Jersey recently added a last-minute feature to a law allowing sports betting: while betting on numerous sport is now legal, betting on esports is not.

Game Advocacy has compiled a 50 over 50 list to raise awareness of ageism in the gaming industry by celebrating the achievements of game designers over age 50.

Facebook has introduced a new program for streamers specifically intended to help new streamers get into the game. Called Level Up, the program offers incentive to streamers who build their platforms on Facebook as opposed to other livestreaming services.

Ubisoft’s CEO has stated that he believes there will only be one more console generation before the industry moves to streaming only.

And finally, an adorable The Last of Us comic for Pride Month:

Games Bleat

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