With the vaguest of hints about a new Dragon Age game from its executive producer, Mark Darrah, fans of the series are buzzing over a new installment. Worrying rumours of an online gameplay element surfaced, but were thankfully clarified: the new game would be “story & character focused.” Naturally, I obsessed about the most important matter of all: who would the romance options be this time?

Dragon Age has a history of plucking characters from its previous games, DLC, and books to make them companions, either just as fellow adventurers or as potential love interests. For example, there’s Anders (damn you, Anders!), who started breaking my heart in Awakenings thanks to his Alistair-like humour.

Dragon Age 2, BioWare, EA, 2010

“You were the chosen one!”

So, here’s some (mostly serious) suggestions for recent characters you may want to bump Nug-lys with.

Spoilers ahead!

Krem (Cremisius Aclassi). Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare, EA, 2014

Krem (Cremisius Aclassi)

Depending upon how you played Inquisition, Krem may be dead along with the rest of The Chargers (how could you?!). However, if it’s possible to kill Leliana in Origins and for her to be resurrected in Dragon Age 2, I think there’s a way to bring back Krem as a potential partner.

I adored Krem after getting to know him. He is one of the best-written characters in Inquisition, largely thanks to the trans consultants who advised lead writer Patrick Weekes. This led to a believable, non-clichéd character with a wry sense of humour, a good line in unassuming charm, and a true heart. After all, how could you not fall a little in love as he banters with Iron Bull?


A badass Qunari Elf, Tallis was strong, smart, and able. You have the option to romance her in the Mark of the Assassin DLC, though that only results in you awkwardly making out with her in front of your other companions.

Having Tallis in your party would mean bringing back the incredibly talented Felicia Day to the series, and allow a better romance plot line to be played out. But really, the main reason for including Tallis again is so that there are far more opportunities for moments like this:

Ser Michel De Chevin

First appearing in David Gaider’s The Masked Empire, Michel is, for want of a better word, complicated. Weekes has described him as “flawed but honorable” so, for those of you wanting your Blackwall fix, this may be your guy.

Ser Michel De Chevin. Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare, EA, 2014

Michel has a complex past and had done some (at the very least) questionable things. This is partly what would make him a great companion—unearthing his secrets and what drives him now would result in some difficult reveals, as well as affecting interactions with Orelesians and Elves.

Also, Alistair/Fenris/Cullen fans like me need some kind of pretty-boy substitute, preferably with brooding and an aversion to swooping.

Scout Harding. Dragon Age: Inqusition, BioWare, EA, 2014

Scout Harding

Of course I was going to choose Scout Harding! Witty and sweet, her conversations with my Inquisitor were always a highlight. You could flirt with Harding, but she wasn’t one of the “serious” romance options—no personal quests, for example. It was a shame not to have a dwarven love interest available, something the series has lacked so far.

As she essentially shuts you down because of the need to focus on little things like the end of the world, my repeated flirtations came to naught and I moved on. I understand that, if you’re more patient, there is mention of a date with Harding in Trespasser, but it’s not exactly the epic love story BioWare is known for. I think a lot of Dragon Age players would love to see Harding evolve as a character, so more, please!

Chief Movran the Under. Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare, EA, 2014

Chief Movran the Under

OK, hear me out. I understand that throwing goats at castles is maybe not the most attractive trait. Yes, his views on red-haired women need work, and his stance on ethical animal treatment is dodgy at best. But, he checks a lot of boxes:

  • Opportunity to learn more about the Avaarian people
  • Clearly strong in a fight if he can lift goats, let alone hurl them through the air
  • Is a Dad, a popular romance trope in recent years
  • Manages to style out that hood

Lastly, an honourable shout-out to that one guard who keeps interrupting Cullen during Inquisition: your sense of timing is awful, and could be put to great comic effect when building a romance.

Dragon Age companions always manage to surprise, be they glowing, glowering elves with a dark past, serious seekers with a love for trashy romance, or just literal gods. Part of the fun is learning who they are, and I’m sure BioWare will come up with some more fascinating characters to fall in love with.

Even if their main claim to fame is goat-chucking.