Horizon Zero Dawn is one of 2017’s best new games. The PS4 exclusive was nominated for Game of the Year during The Game Awards, and won Best Core Entertainment Game and Audience Choice during the Dutch Game Awards. Venture Beat awarded the game Freshest Gaming Universe. The “best robot safari adventure game ever made” has an 89% score on Metacritic and has given birth to a number of great journalistic pieces on what makes it so special. One of those things is the central playable character, Aloy.

Aloy is a tough adventurer who also cares about her community and the people of the world around her. She stops to help those in need, quells tribal warfare, and most of the time she’s busy taking down machines during her daily grind. Aloy is a hero who has to crawl, jump, climb, hide, or strike at a moment’s notice. In the mechanics of the game, it’s possible to perform epic moves like a slide and strike under a huge machine. With all her daily activity and heroic acts, Aloy needs a workout for her days off that can help her prepare for the days she’ll be saving the world.

This is Aloy’s full body workout. It includes useful stretching, cardio, core focus, arm, and leg segments. Repeat these segments all together once for Easy, twice for Hard, and three times for Ultra Hard. Get your sweat on so you can take down evil on the daily, too! And, of course, contact your doctor before starting any dedicated exercise regimen. It’s good for your health!

Aloy Workout, Corissa Haury