Electronic Arts’ greed caught up to them when daddy Disney called about Battlefront II’s microtransactions controversy, which has affected profit estimates, but the game isn’t a complete write-off. The solo campaign follows the Empire’s Iden Versio’s secret mission after the destruction of the second Death Star. The current season of multiplayer action is called “The Last Jedi,” released this past week in anticipation of the new film. Like the multiplayer campaign, the additional free (!) DLC for the solo campaign also plays into the new film. As any extraneous material should, the content enhances the movie’s storyline, without spoiling it or giving the players any pivotal information.

I’ve heard lots of good things so far about Iden Versio’s solo campaign and as a fan of expanded universes and lore, I’m excited to add her story to my Star Wars knowledge base. But first, gaming news!

Overwatch, Blizzard, 2016

Christmas is a Time for Gaming

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland has begun, with new skins and a new event featuring many Meis versus Winston. Destiny 2 is feeling festive. And from December 22nd to 26th, you can get in on the Monster Hunter beta once more.

Behavioural Data

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and obviously, the game industry is part of that. Learning from its gamers is the industry’s key to continued innovation and success. User behaviour is being tracked in various ways. Some of that data is being manipulated to nefarious ends, such as predatory loot boxes.

Gaming 2017

According to the Financial Post, these are the top five stories that dominated the gaming industry this year:

  1. Microsoft named its new X-Box One X “the most powerful console ever.” Can it stand behind that claim?
  2. Single-player games had some high points with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5 while Mass Effect Andromeda came in on the low notes.
  3. The pushback on loot boxes and microtransactions is still going strong.
  4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds kicks off the new battle royale gaming trend.
  5. Nintendo Switch has brought Nintendo back onto the console playing field.

Yes, It’s Gambling

Apparently, there’s still a debate as to whether or not loot boxes are gambling. In the meantime, whatever you want to call it, one in ten kids between the ages of 11 and 16 in the United Kingdom are spending their time and money to try their luck at coveted online prizes. The 49-page report from the Gambling Commission covers several different areas of gambling, with online games and apps becoming a bigger and bigger part of a serious problem.

Canada’s Cupheads

The Moldenhauer family mortgaged their home to create Studio MDHR in Oakville, Canada. They created a ’30s cartoon-style platform game called Cuphead that has earned $1.5 million in sales and a nod from the prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Cuphead (2017)


Games Bleat

Welcome to Games Bleat! I’m Joesph, your local deals warlock, and I’m here to tell you what we at Sidequest have been watching out for.

This week I’m bringing the deals from both Humble Bundle and GOG, as well as a couple from the PlayStation Network and the Nintendo eShop. However, I’ll start with the new releases that have me very excited.

On December 14th, Freebird Games released Finding Paradise, a sequel to the indie hits To the Moon and A Bird Story. It’s supposed to be an absolutely beautiful adventure through time and memory as two doctors grant the dying wish of their patient.

Another absolutely beautiful game, Okami HD, was released on December 12th. If you haven’t had chance to try one of the most #aesthetic games of all time now is a perfect opportunity to jump in, with its updated, yet classic, look and feel.

Also released on December 12th was Rumu, a narrative adventure game about a robot vacuum cleaner attaining sentience. It looks both gorgeous and adorable and promises to raise all the ethical and philosophical questions I’ve come to love from games.

As for those licentious deals,

Humble Bundle is having a fairly large indie sale which includes:

GOG has its normal 20 something pages of sales. For those unwilling to look through them all I recommend:

PSN is hosting some of my all time favorite games on sale:

And the Nintendo eShop has you covered during the Holidays with these gems:

Well that’s it for Games Bleat this week! Check back next Wednesday for more deals, games, and new releases!