Game Enjambment is a reoccurring poetry series on games and gaming.

The inspiration for this poem stems from Yume Nikki, a surrealist Japanese game about a young girl, Madotsuki, who may be dealing with depression and anxiety. Surrealism, as a style, often relies on manifesting images from our subconscious in order to interpret the self. It is a great tool for examining how we cope or how we don’t cope with our traumas and pains.

Yume Nikki, Kikiyama, 2004

waking up in the nexus

one door opens to neon labyrinth. one door opens to eyes intercepting me. watch me as i unfurl. i wear a hand with sight. see me. see all. dream of a balcony. clear sky clear air clear head. open another door and see. see follows you. open another door and a chill breaks in. can’t move or wake. open the door and pitch black screeches. i’m a body smear on the ground, over and over, pointing towards a door. open a door and be the sad girl. open a door and scour a dreamscape, while you lay lifeless, while you lay living


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