We in the Games Section, like the rest of the internet, are obsessed with Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, or DDADDS for short. Over the next few weeks you’ll see a variety of opinions and essays from us about this new cultural icon, but first: our Dads!

*Corissa Haury’s Dreamy Dad:

Doc Strixes

“I’ve been out of the dating game for awhile now, taking care of my precious peach of a daughter as a single dad. I like to flirt but you might need to do the convincing. HMU 😉 “

Cathryn Sinjin-Starr’s Dating Dad:

Jules Harlow

“Likes rom-coms. Loves to cuddle. Wears heart on sleeve (or chest-pocket). Not good at technology. Cake-baking fiend.”

Wendy Browne’s Dad Dater:

Tyler Hawke

“My daughter says I should write something witty here…”

Rachel Flory’s (Real?) Dad:

Fat Man McFathers (based on my real dad)


Kate Tanski’s Dating Daddio:

Clint Barton

(Because when watching Markiplier’s playthrough I felt like the dad was basically Clint Barton as a dad and I am nothing if not always looking for ways to turn games into my own personal fanfiction.)

Clara Mae’s Dad of Dating:

Daniel Lee

Profile: Ad man. Traveler. Dreamer. Indie bookshop frequenter. Bring me to a local coffee shop and buy me a cortado and you’ll have my heart forever. Pro Oxford comma.

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