Happy Wednesday! What game have you been playing the most lately? I’m up to level 26 in Horizon Zero Dawn, and today I played the first hour of Tomb Raider. I’m also enjoying NieR: Automata. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments what you’re playing and what upcoming games you’re excited about.

New releases galore

  • Splatoon 2, Nintendo’s new shooter exclusively for Switch, releases July 21st. There’s already a huge fan art following of its new main characters, Marina and Pearl. A multiplayer demo of the game will be available on July 15th.
  • Final Fantasy XII‘s remastered PS4 version released this week, called Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. The remaster has several improvements including auto-save.
  • Destiny 2 open beta access begins this month, with the earliest access starting on July 18th.
  • Nintendo has a new Mii RPG releasing on July 28th for 3DS, called Miitopia. Here’s ten minutes of gameplay.
  • Overwatch‘s newest playable character, Doomfist, released last week on the PTR (test) server. In true Overwatch fashion, Blizzard released an animated short about the character’s origin story. If you’re a Tracer fan, the video includes really fun—then heartbreaking—scenes of her zipping and blinking around in battle.

Getting Ready for Before the Storm

We’re just seven weeks away from Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s first episode’s release on August 31st. As Wendy noted in last week’s Get Your Game On, Before the Storm‘s lead writer shared very briefly about Chloe, Rachel, and queer relationships in the game. If you’re anxiously awaiting the new game, check out this excellent fic about Chloe and Rachel based on Before the Storm‘s trailer and gameplay reveal. 

If you want more Life is Strange content that focuses on queer relationships, check out Love is Strange, the playable visual novel. You play as Max through a choice-based story with Chloe, Rachel, Victoria, or Kate.

More news and links

The game releases October 27th on Nintendo Switch.

  • Looking for new podcasts? The Polygon Show is hosted by Simone de Rochefort, Chelsea Stark, Ashley Oh, and Allegra Frank.
  • Did you know Bethesda has a Hearthstone-like card battle game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends? It just got its first expansion, Heroes of Skyrim.
  • ICYMI, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s first DLC was announced at E3. It’s called The Frozen Wilds and it will be out this year. Trailer:

Here’s more details from Horizon Zero Dawn‘s developers.