Happy Wednesday! What games have you been enjoying lately? I’ve been neglecting Horizon Zero Dawn and Final Fantasy XV the past few weeks, but I got Nier: Automata and am excited to start it. Are there any upcoming releases you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments! Here’s news and interesting links that have been on our radar this week:

Everything you love is leaving you

Many of us have been (happily) losing sleep/productivity due to Mass Effect: Andromeda. It might come as a bummer, then, to hear that BioWare is not working on new Mass Effect content as urgently as we would like. BioWare transferred a number of its employees at BioWare Montreal, which was the developer of Mass Effect: Andromeda, to work on Star Wars Battlefront II. Those who remain will work on other BioWare games, but not the next Mass Effect game.

Speaking of ME: Andromeda, there was a bug that allowed the player to romance both Cora and Peebee, or both Vetra and Peebee. Unfortunately, BioWare is releasing a patch to fix it. What do you think of the romance options in ME: Andromeda?

The game that I’ve never played that’s most referenced by fans of a show I’ve never watched (Twin Peaks) has left us. Alan Wake is no longer available from Steam or the Xbox Games Store due to a music licensing issue.

Square Enix is parting ways with the developers of the Hitman franchise. No word yet on what that will mean for the future of the franchise.

New releases


I love this interview of Ashly Burch by Janina Gavankar. Burch talks about the pressure of portraying Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, how she relates with Chloe’s experiences in Life is Strange, and more.

Finally, an ICYMI thing for The Last of Us fans: