Are you all playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild? How do you even have time to read this? Well, I’m glad you took a break from crafting floating rafts to read some news with me!

Who said that games wouldn’t get you anywhere? Well, you can prove those haters wrong. Apparently CIA agents are being trained with board games!

“Gaming is part of the human condition. Why not take advantage of that and incorporate into the way we learn?” Clopper said Sunday at a games-themed panel discussion at the South by Southwest Interactive technology festival. Clopper and other CIA officers discussed how the agency uses games to teach strategy, intelligence gathering and collaboration.

PlayStation has some news for you. “Brian Dunn, a spokesman for Sony, said in the blog that a standard subscription for PlayStation Now would include access to the PS4 games.” Which is great, because I have not bought a PS4 still and my roommate is tired of me stealing his whenever I buy a new game.

Also! “Torrens University’s Media Design School announced today that it has been accredited by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to its PlayStation First Academic Development Programme.” This is the second Australian educational program to be accepted into the program. Inclusion in this program gives educators access to PlayStation’s development tools.

Need more ways to play games at work? Well then, good news for you! Mozilla is making it easier to play games right in your browser. “With WebAssembly, developers will be able to code a game or app and know it will run in the same way on any supported browser, regardless of platform.”

But do you need to be awake more, maybe never sleep again, so that you can game at all times (don’t do that, it’s terribly unsafe and unhealthy)? Well, you could drink a ton of Red Bull. (Don’t.) But what if a drug could make you “better” at gaming? “To recap, that’s two ingredients that are herbal remedies for constipation, one that claims to remedy diarrhea, and one that boosts my immune system and (of course) intestinal regularity.” Maddy Myers doesn’t recommend that you try these drugs either, but I do recommend that you check out her article!

What is it like making games in Pakistan?” A game that started as a joke, posted on Facebook, turned into a cultural commentary. This Polygon piece investigates what the development process in Pakistan is like and explains how many of the games are political.

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