Hey there, Gamers! It’s Al, phone-gaming and writing to you through a fog of deadlines and head cold. Time has lost all meaning for me, so let’s look at some news! Including the Superbowl?


The Superbowl happened here in the United States and I know because now YouTube is showing me a bunch of Superbowl commercials. Delightful.

Forbes suggests that the best commercials of the game were the video game commercials (as well as the tv and movie, but still).

Beast Boost Mode

We’ve mentioned it before, but I’m still curious about it. PlayStation has promised that the PlayStation 4 will have “Boost Mode,” turning on the full power of that magnificent machine.

Sony’s 4.50 update announcement made no mention of Boost Mode, but the PlayStation-maker confirmed its existence to The Verge. A spokesperson told the site that, with Boost Mode active, the Pro runs “at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed in order to improve gameplay on some PS4 games that were released before the launch of PS4 Pro.”

Return to Morrowind

So! They’ve announced a Morrowind expansion to Elder Scrolls Online, meeting the demands of so many fans who have never let go of their Elder Scrolls root.

Players are looking at over 30 hours of gameplay and a huge new map to explore, all for $39.99 USD. According to Polygon, players will work to heal the god Vivec in order to, you guessed it, save the world.

Virtual Theft

Oculus, the virtual reality developer, was cleared in court after being accused of stealing secrets from ZeniMax. However, they are still looking at a major payout to the other company in the amount of $500 million. Yikes. From PCWorld:

“But that’s it, and $500 million is a far cry from the $2 billion in compensation and $2 billion in damages that ZeniMax originally asked for. Nor will ZeniMax have any hold on Oculus going forward.”