Saddle up, it’s Get Your Game on Wednesday!

Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar GamesI’m not a huge fan of Rockstar’s games, but even I have to admit that the recently announced Red Dead Redemption sequel has me a little excited. After teasing the announcement with a new logo and a distant cowboy silhouette, Rockstar announced that we can, indeed, expect a sequel to the 2010 hit next year. While I’m a little disappointed that the preview silhouette, though admittedly vague, seems to show seven dudes, I had such a blast playing Red Dead Redemption that I’ll probably play it anyway. Darn you, Rockstar, and your beautiful open worlds!

A More Affordable Controller for Gamers With Disabilities

Gamers with disabilities now have a more affordable Xbox Elite Controlleroption for playing their favorite titles—the Xbox Elite controller. While it’s still a little pricey at $150, its button-mapping, removable parts, and customizability with 3D printed additions make it a more accessible option. It’s available through Amazon Prime or stores like Walmart, making it easier to get ahold of for individual gamers, as well as organizations like AbleGamers, which helps connect gamers with disabilities with controllers and other gaming tools.

Amazon Debuts Their First MMO

Speaking of Amazon, they’re making their debut in the big-budget game arena with Breakaway, an MMO intended to show off a software package that connects to Amazon Web Services, a cloud-based storage system that could be beneficial to game developers. With the company’s purchase of Twitch in 2014, as well as the recent integration between the streaming service and Amazon Prime, it seems that the online retailer is inching their way into an indispensable position in the industry.

Voice Actors Planning to Strike for Better Treatment

The Screen Actor’s Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) announced an upcoming strike for Friday, October 21. Citing problems with treatment and compensation of voice actors in video games, SAG-AFTRA will be striking major developers and publishers like Activision, Insomniac Games, Take 2, and WB Games if a more favorable deal is not reached. A lawyer representing the games industry responded hours after the strike was announced, but claim that SAG-AFTRA’s complaints are unfounded and that information on the organization’s website are out of date and incorrect. As of writing, the strike is still planned for Friday.

Chipotle Tempts Gamers With Half-Price Meals

Like half-priced burritos and video games? Who doesn’t? In an effort to win back customers after food poisoning scandals earlier this year, Chipotle has released a second video game that offers a food-based reward to successful players. Match enough cards and you’ll score a meal for two at half the price. Not bad.

Other Gaming News

Sony is the next major publisher to increase its efforts in the mobile sphere. Following Nintendo’s lead, Sony recently announced that it plans to release five or more games featuring Playstation characters over the next two years.

If you’re a fan of Luc Besson’s films, such as The Fifth Element, you might be interested to know that Spil Games has been selected to create a game based in the world of his upcoming film, Valerian.

YouTube recently did some data analysis on what games are most popular for streaming around the world. While many are universally popular, some countries love certain games more than others—unsurprisingly, Americans love Madden, but Brazil has an interesting number of Lego Marvel’s Avengers streamers and Poland is really into Farming Simulator.