Serena Williams Match PointHappy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! Is anyone else loving this amazing 8-bit ode to tennis champ Serena Williams? Kudos to Gatorade for a fun little game where you play as the tennis champ in each of her 22 Grand Slam matches. The game is available on ESPN’s Snapchat channel or for desktops.

Google Play Indie Games Festival exhibiting games announced

After sifting over 200 submissions, the selected 30 have been announced. The list is a mix of already released and beta games. The festival takes place on September 24 in San Francisco and is free and open to the public. Even if you can’t make it, check out the games in the Google Play Store. Here are my picks to get you started.



1979 Revolution: Black Friday, a narrative game about a photojournalist trying to make choices during the late ’70s in Iran. Currently rated as “Very Positive” on Steam.

Parallyzed, a side scrolling, split screen atmospheric puzzler. You play as twins that have different abilities but wait for it, can also swap bodies during game play.

Sand Stories is an the endless sand builder game where you build structures with sand and objects. Sounds like the perfect game for end of summer blues. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the Google Play Store, but it sounds amazing.

Duck Duck MooseDuck Duck Moose educational games now free on Khan Academy

The award-winning game studio has been making educational mobile app games since 2008, and has joined Khan Academy, the free online learning site with extensive resources for students, parents, and teachers. Most of the game range from ages 2-8, with bright colors and a cartoon feel. There’s a good attempt at racial diversity, although some of the titles seem a bit unbalanced in gender norms. For example, the Princess Fairy Tale Maker trailer is almost exclusively girls while the Super Hero Comic trailer is almost exclusively boys. Overall, still a win on the educational front.

Other news you can use

The Silverball Museum, a pinball and arcade museum, opens in Florida.

Video games may be able to stave off dementia.

That’s it for this week. Until next week, happy gaming!