Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! This year, San Diego Comic Con proves that all the news doesn’t have to be big blockbuster super hero movie related. The fine folks at Dynamite Entertainment gave us not one, but two big announcements of comics-to-games crossover news. Read on to find out more!

The epic RPG/comics crossover event of the year

No, it’s not Telltale’s Batman series. I’m talking about Pathfinder: Worldscape, the creation of a partnership between Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo Publishing. The comics will feature characters such as the Red Sonja, John Carter, Tarzan and more. Each issue will include official game character stats and a bonus tactical map. The first issue is slated for release in October.

Not a fan of RPGs, but still want more of the She-Devil with a Sword? A video game is in the works with game developer F84 Games. To make the news even sweeter? Beloved writer, Gail Simone, will be the lead writer for the title. I’m expecting great things from this game, expected out this winter.

Time to celebrate: Fallout 4 now has an LGBT mod 

A new mod allows players to choose how their long lost spouse is referred to in dialogue and text, essentially allowing LGBT folks the ability to have their spouse be the same gender as their player is. Seems innocuous, right? Apparently not. Some gamers vented “why” and “what’s the point” and, of course, the trolls came to play to filled with hate and death threats. Alas for them, the mod is still available on Bethesda’s website for anyone who would like it, proving that success is the best revenge.

Gamers for Good newest charity artbook features Undertale

With the blessing of Undertale game creator, Toby Fox, the folks at Gamers for Good have started soliciting fan art for their newest charity artbook. Per their site, Undertale challenged “what we thought was the standard way to play. It got us all talking, removing the “META” barriers, resulting in a deeply emotional experience.” Appropriately, this project is aimed at challenging the way we view mental health and the stigma associated with it. Sales from the book will go to support gamer-related charities working in the mental heath space.

In other news you can use…

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Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex First Assault Online open beta coming July 28

If any of you end up in the Ghost in the Shell beta, hit me up. I love the game’s look and can’t wait to to see if the game play matches. Already craving more about Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime series? Check out Claire Napier’s fantastic multi-part essay series, The Major’s Body. Until next week, happy gaming!