Hello, Gamers! How is the week going for you all? Your usual games newscaster is out, and I have the flu. So, this week will be a laid back collection of games posts I read while laying around in my bed.

Are you playing Pokemon Go? Is everyone but me playing it?

Server issues and other bizarre news such as users finding dead bodies and malicious copies of the APK aside, the sense of community around the game is becoming incredible as people begin organising meet-ups, and socialise with new people.” The game has also led to players finding dead bodies and getting robbed. And, in our white supremacist police state, it is potentially deadly for Black players. Not everyone thinks the game is the bees’ knees either.

Other Games News

A developer is making 100 games in five years so he can get some sleep.

As part of her doctoral project, [Teresa] Lynch compiled 571 playable female characters from 1989-2014 and examined them for signs of hypersexualization, which included nudity, over-enlarged breasts or hips and unrealistically narrow waists.

The announcement of a female soldier in the upcoming Call of Duty has others also looking at the evolution of women in games.

No Man’s Sky’s first update is already in the works.

Dan Harmon, of Community notoriety, is working on a show about comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons, which was basically the plot of everyone’s favorite Community episode.

Well, I’m going to go take the fifteenth nap for today, and when I wake up I hope all of you have posted Pokemon pictures in the comments below.