Howdy, gaming lovelies! PAX East is right around the corner and I’m getting flooded with all kinds of cool updates. If there’s something you really want me to cover, make sure you drop me a note in the comments.

New (coming soon) to play

Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, 2016Titanfall 2 – PS4, Xbox One & PC

The beautiful mech shooter game is getting its sequel and at the same time expanding availability to more than Xbox platforms. The teaser trailer is out (look at that sword!) but publisher Electronic Arts promises a “worldwide reveal” slated for June 12. Of course this means we won’t have the actual finished game to play for a ways to come, but there’s still hope that the Titanfall mobile game from Particle City will be out this year.

Attack on Titan, Omega Force, Koei Tecmo, 2016Attack on Titan – PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One & PC

Following a successful launch in Japan, Koei Tecmo Games America has announced the North American release date for the game as August 30. Based on the popular manga and anime of the same name, the game follows the first season of the anime. Players can play as one of ten characters including my personal favorite, Mikasa. Check out the announcement trailer for more fighting titans action.

Dark Souls—The Board Game, Steamforged Games, 2017Dark Souls – Tabletop

Confused? Thought I was going to say Dark Souls 3 for console play? Nah, that was last week. This week is all about the new tabletop game from Steamforged Games.  Fans of the Dark Souls properties, the folks over at Steamforged are claiming this game will be the “hardest board game you have ever played.” Whoa. Although the game is in the early development, it won’t become a reality unless its Kickstarter is funded. It launches later this month on April 19.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run—Tactical Runner, Versus Evil LLC, 2016Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run – Tactical Runner – iOS

The new mobile game launched this week to good reviews. The black-and-white shadow noir style game looks intriguing and reminds me of the award-winning indie game, Framed. It does runs up against my personal pet peeve of games only available on iPhones and iPads. Also, irritated that only one of the six playable character is a woman, such a sad ratio.The runner game is free-to-play so if you’re on one of the Apple devices, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek.

+1 for Diversity

Elektra joins Marvel Heroes 2016

Elektra is fresh on my mind after wrapping up the latest season of Daredevil. I’m pleased to see Marvel not only including her in the game, but also including the option to dress as classic Elektra or the new Daredevil Netflix series Elektra. I love her new look especially since it’s so practical and stylish. Good job, Marvel for realizing one of your current strengths is the way the Marvel Cinematic Universe flows together.

Highlighting the plight of the refugee 

A new game has hit the Steam Greenlight community called The Plight of the Refugee. I applaud the use of games to highlight issues, but I’m not sure there’s enough content here to tell if this game is going to be something enlightening and interesting or just a train wreck of misinformation and stereotypes. It doesn’t help that there’s no information about the game’s developer either. If you’re going to make a game like this, show me why I should care and how you’ve gotten it right.

Alternatively, this Mario-inspired plight of the refugee video from 2015 still holds up.

Rust developers and randomizing gender

I love that the Rust development team keeps tweaking with their character generator. The generator randomly assigns features like gender, skin tone and even penis size. As you might expect, when it first became known, there was much ado on the interwebs. That died down a bit, but with the game’s latest update that includes female models, everyone got a new model and the freak outs began anew.

Pop yourself some popcorn before checking out some of the winning responses.

Just for fun

Giant Tetris

Obviously I can’t get enough of giant retro games. This week, the fine folks at MIT in Cambridge, MA set up a giant Tetris game using one of the buildings as the game board. It’s not the first time they’ve set this rig up, but seriously, I don’t think it ever gets old. The event was part of the school’s Campus Preview Weekend where accepted student visit campus.

MIT Tetris 2 MIT Tetris