There are music people in this world, I feel like I’m often surrounded by them. People who are interested in specific bands, who can identify songs that haven’t been playing nonstop on the radio for the past few months. I am not one of these people. I’m, in fact, pretty tone deaf and prefer silence to ambient music, but I’m trying. I know I can like music, because I enjoy good video game scores and soundtracks. So, when Paige wrote about Bioshock’s awesome sounds and Laura wrote up the 6 Movie Scores and Soundtracks, I was inspired.

Working Out – No More Heroes

The frantic hack-and-slash (with a lightsaber) is one of my favorite video games, and definitely my favorite Wii game. Everything about it felt like it fit right, including the soundtrack. It’s all electronica/instrumental/wordless metal and it is PERFECT for working out to! When I’m at the gym I have to use my full concentration to keep myself for deciding to leave and eat cheesecake instead, but I also don’t want to hear Ms. Deadlifter huffing or Mx. Stairmaster grunting, so some sounds must be plugged into my earholes. You can listen to the full soundtrack here.

Driving Around – Grand Theft Auto IV

There are many problems with the GTA franchise, I won’t debate that. You know what is absolutely perfect in it though? The music (except for the fact that it’s almost all men). I was working at a popular gaming boutique when GTA IV came out, and I bought myself the very special edition. It came with a little duffel bag, a lock box, a keychain, and the partial soundtrack on CD. The duffel bag and lockbox continue to be put to good use, but the soundtrack will stick with me forever. You can see a full list of the songs available here. There are a lot of well-known songs on here (Ginuwine’s “Pony,” for instance), but I personally recommend Qadir’s “Nickname,” Dolphin’s “Rap,” and Juliette and The Licks’ “Inside the Cage.”

Sad Lonely Times – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

If this list were going for straight nostalgia factor, I would put the first few Zelda games on here for their super recognizable scores. Nothing warms my nerdy heart like hearing an ocarina call to a faraway horse. With the idea of great music that can stand alone, I turn to Twilight Princess. This game is so carefully, beautifully rendered. It lacks a lot of the cutesy corniness of previous games and really stabs at the feeling organs with darker colors and somber music. Need to lay in the dark awhile and think painfully of your uncertain future? This is the soundtrack for you.

You’re Preparing for Battle – Skyrim

Maybe you’re about to see your ex for the first time since the break-up in order to get your stuff back. Things didn’t end so well. There was maybe a lot of fighting, someone yelled a lot, let’s not place blame though. The first meeting could be a doozy though, what if she didn’t bring back that flannel you asked her not to borrow in the first place? After all, it was your favorite flannel, it doesn’t do the boob gap thing when it’s buttoned-up. There might be some fighting. You might have to prepare. Here you go:

Bedtime Music – Ori and the Blind Forest

This was a pretty surprising game when it came out last year, polished right down to composer Gareth Coker’s score. So, now you’re back from your battle with your ex, and she did not, in fact, decide to return your all-time favorite shirt, so now you’re on the hunt for a replacement flannel, which even the mere thought of having to shop for is exhausting you. So, let’s all go to sleep to this lovely, graceful music. Not the whole soundtrack though! It gets a little rowdy toward the end.

Long Walks on the Beach at Night – Dragon Age: Origins

Who recently told me that they didn’t like this game? Maybe it was my your ex. They’re wrong, whoever it was. I mean, even the music is spectacular. And now that you can’t sleep because your brain is way overstimulated from going from never listening to music to suddenly listening to it all day long, let’s take a long walk on the beach and listen to the glorious work of Inon Zur.

BONUS: Undertale, Sort Of

This game is amazing. It’s the big deal in the indie gaming community, and you should go play it. But listen to the soundtrack? It is really game-y, not very translatable. However, this magical Skrillex/Undertale Remix will have you dancing like your heart’s never been broken: