Like so many other mainstream gamers, I have been spending all of my time playing Fallout 4. There is just so much to do in this game. My son is missing still, but I’ve joined many factions, built ten communes, and romanced a journalist.  For this month’s Drink Your Comics Games, I will take you to the Wasteland for two boozy beverages.


Radscorpions are one of the games more annoying baddies you face out journeying in The Commonwealth. They burrow down into the ground between each devastating strike. I normally try to kill them with fire, flamethrower style. For this cocktail, I made a modified version of a cocktail called “The Scorpion” that I had once at a tiki bar. I liked the acidic bite of it and thought it was appropriately stingy.

Al RosenbergIngredients

3 parts orange juice
2 parts Spiced Rum
1 part limoncello
1 part grenadine
1 part Maraschino juice


Stir together orange juice, spiced rum, and limoncello as though you are slowly stirring together the radioactive chemicals that will empower you to conquer the Wasters.

Al Rosenberg - photo by Naomi Neal

Drinking in Fallout 4 leads to vocal slurring and bad decision-making, or rather, drinking while playing the game leads to bad decisions like running into a compound of Super Mutants with only a pistol and Dogmeat.

Next, you’ll want to pour the grenadine and cherry juice into the bottom of a scavenged glass. Imagine it is the blood of the Brotherhood of Steel jerks who can’t seem to stop bombing the Boston area.

Al Rosenberg - photo by Naomi Neal

Finally add some ice, a true luxury remembered only by those Vault Dwellers and ghouls born before the war, and pour the concoction atop, adding cherries for the final touch.

Al Rosenberg - photo by Naomi Neal

Congratulations, you have your RadScorpion. +2 Personality for you!

by Al Rosenberg

This got me thinking about the alcohol available to my character. Part of the joy of Fallout 4 is how immersive it can be. “Immersive” is somewhat of a bad word in the gaming community, so I’ll explain myself. The playable character, though designed and named by the player, is not a complete blank slate for the player to wear like a skin. She, or he, has a background story, a family, a constructed past, and definite personal goals. Even so, her personal characteristics are based on the way the player plays the game. Your character becomes your decisions.

I’ve grown pretty attached to my character, so I decided to make something she could possibly drink.

Nukalear Cola

One of the items Wastelanders come across the most often is Nuka Cola. This pop was everywhere and there was so much of it produced that it is still found in dispensing machines, lunchboxes, fridges, trash heaps, and in the grasp of long dead skeletons.

Al Rosenberg


Nuka Cola (or Jarritos in this case)
Clear liquor of some kind

Al Rosenberg - photo by Naomi Neal


Pour all ingredients into drinking vessel. Enjoy.

Al Rosenberg

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