Do you know how much time you spend listening to babies crying? Or strangers arguing? Bad music from the next car over? Men yelling stupid words at you? Endless street vendors in the bazaar that is life? You probably experience many of these things. Do you know what you could be doing instead of listening to all of that nonsense from your family at the holidays? Podcasts.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: podcasts are a wonder. Often little nuggets of wisdom or entertainment, all hands-free and delivered to your ear canal while you use your body for commuting, working out, just plain ole working, or whatever.

If you find yourself constantly on the lookout for more podcasts the way I am, may I suggest you peruse This joy of a recommendation site put together by NPR has brought many great segments into my life. But not the ones I present to you now. These were won in the hard battle of conversations about podcasts and googling.

So, let’s get this first one out of the way because it’s a doozy:

Conversations with Alanis MorissetteThe Absurd: Conversations with Alanis Morissette

I mean, did you know this was happening? Did you know this Canadian badass was now running a self-help blog and questioning people on the air about parenting, diets, lifestyle choices, etc? It’s okay if you need some time to recover. It’s shocking. It’s also pretty easy to listen to. I mean, Morissette’s voice is as smooth as ever, and I find her rather earnest and charming in this venture. Also ridiculous. She’s an absurd white lady that’s super into “Eastern philosophy” as she has put it.

The Big Screen: Skip to the End

Sometimes I don’t want to watch a movie. Or I don’t have time, I just didn’t get around to it, it costs too much money, yadda yadda. But I still want to be culturally relevant. I can’t have all the hip young adults at my college look at me and think, oh man, she’s so old, that lame staff member who’s working so hard to ensure our happiness that she can’t get to the movies. So, I turn to movie review podcasts. This one in particular is well orchestrated, and I trust these three bros to tell me what’s up. Sometimes there’s even a lady and her opinion too.

The Little Screen: Supergirl Radio

Given all of the other media I’ve been devouring like the gross entertainment grub worm I am, I haven’t had time to check out Supergirl, but I am listening to the recaps via this podcast. The podcast also offers interviews and editorials about Supergirl.

Hatty's Running a BathComedy: Hatty’s Running a Bath

This just started. I mean just the other day. It’s fresh, new, and weird. A hot take podcast about relaxation, if there’s such a thing. The host, Hatty Ashdown, interviews people about what they do in their free time. This particularly struck my fancy as I have no free time. That elusive beast was hunted down and brutally murdered by my desire to be a journalist AND afford to feed myself, so I’m curious about what others do with theirs. Her first guest was Grianne Maguire, improv actor and writer.

Business: SocialPros

This is the most market-y, marketing resource I listen to. I’m not great at social media, even though I’m in the generation that has never known anything else. I needed some help, so I turned to podcasts to offer me some resources. SocialPros is overly shiny in the way that I feel like I’m being slightly pandered to and looked down upon, but they also offer helpful incites into the world of social media marketing, which I need.

Gaming: The Angry Chicken

I’m obsessed with Hearthstone, I can’t stop playing. I’ve tried to delete it off my phone, but I quickly re-download it. I’m weak. I watch strategy videos on YouTube, and now I’m listening to this Hearthstone podcast. It’s pretty good too, though some of them are rather long. They discuss different aspects of the game, slight strategy, and seem to just enjoy doing this project together.