Good day, gaming lovelies! Who out there has created a gaming widow playing Fallout 4? I’m not there yet, but my better half is counting down the days.

Meet the new female Link

Nintendo has announced a new playable female character, Linkle, for the 3DS Hyrule Warriors Legends game. Yay for more lead playable female characters. I do hope she gets a tad more armor, like Link, to protect her body.

Drawn to a beautifully challenging puzzle game

The promo for Drawn to the Light is simple and brain wrecking all at the same time. The goal sounds easy enough: get the energy units to their lamps. Like most puzzle games, the graphics are simple, but the complex actions present an interesting challenge. Released last week, the mobile game is currently available for iOS.

Telltale Games documentary: An homage to story games

This half hour spotlight on Telltale Games covers the history of the studio and includes a great homage to early story-based games. Bonus points to the team for finding a niche where they could make the games they want and make money doing it.

That’s it for this week! Remember to take a break from all the great November gaming and spend time with your loved ones. Until next week, happy gaming!