Howdy, gaming lovelies! Back in the day, I loved me some industrial metal music, so I’m tickled to find this post on heavy metal in video games. I can’t agree with getting excited for RockBand 4, but the music breakdown is cool.

Lumino City coming soon to iOS

The stunningly beautiful Lumino City is coming soon to an iPhones and iPad near you. The BAFTA award winning puzzle game, by State of Play Games, was created using a handmade set to give the game a tactile feel.  Bonus points for supporting women in gaming as State of Play Games was co-founded by Katherine Bidwell.

Steampunk Rally arrives for table top on October 1

Get ready to pick your inventor and race through the Swiss Alps, steampunk style. The inventor list is solid and isn’t all old white guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love Telsa and Einstein just as much as the next maker, but I’m also dancing for joy that Ada Lovelace, Margaret Knight and Lise Meitner make the mix too.

Steampunk Rally

Taco Bell and indie games 

When you think of indie games, the first word that pops into mind is obviously Taco Bell, right? Not so much. Taco Bell’s new Indie Game Garage feels like a bizarre publicity stunt to me. I’m not sure why they’re trying to get in on the game action or what the true value is to game developers. Even the $500 worth of Taco Bell seems hollow. I’m not sure I know anyone who would eat $500 worth of Taco Bell.

Assassins Creed movieAssassin’s Creed the movie has begun filming

Hollywood is trying yet again to make a successful film based on a successful video game. This time they’ve recruited Michael Fassbender to task. According to Malta Today, filming began in Malta this week.

LARP inspires art

I always love reporting on LARP; I just can’t help myself. This time round, moving-image artist Jon Rafman has created “Sticky Drama” which will open with his solo exhibition in the UK at the Zabludowicz Collection. According to a casting call, the film as 1980s feel with the central character is a 12/13 year old girl, who is defending her house from an invasion of other larpers.


That’s it for this week. Off to find folks to play my fancy new copy of Resistor. Happy gaming!