September is here, gaming lovelies, and I’m wondering where the summer went. Fortunately, fall in the Northeast is breathtaking and we have some fun gaming conventions like Boston Indie Fig and Topatocon to boot. This week’s game round up has some beautiful art, an indie Amiibo and a fan cautionary tale. Grab your beverage of choice and read on.

Character sneak peek: Dungeons & Dragons: Out of the Abyss

The latest adventure will be released mid-September but feast your eyes on some of the new character art. Reminds me of Brian Froud’s Faeries.

Shovel Knight is the first indie game to get an Amiibo

Your favorite digging knight will get its own Amiibo, in time for the holiday season. The figure will also unlock a special co-op mode specifically for the Wii U.

Hearthstone as modern art

That’s right. Hearthstone was incorporated into a special one-night exhibit at the well renown Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The late-night exhibition called Pushing Buttons, explored “the rebellious world of altgames through to the massive cultural phenomenon of e-sports.”

Pokémon issues lawsuit to block fan party

In a cautionary tale for fans throwing themed parties at convention.  With only one side of the story, it sounds like the issues here are that the organizer used of copyrighted characters in promotion and charged for the event. Granted the ticket charge was $2, but still money is money when it comes to enforcement. Hopefully, since the party stopped before it even occurred all will work out in the end.

That’s it for this week. I’m off to check out the new horror game, Layers of Fear, on Steam Early Access. An insane painter in a historic house with masterpieces? I’m all in. Til next week, happy gaming!