Happy Wednesday, gamer friends! This week, I’m writing from the road. Alas, I’m not off to GenCon. I’m sitting a lovely hotel in Syracuse, NY on my way to Niagara Falls. This week’s game goodness is bursting at the seams, so let’s jump right in.

#buygamesbywomen at GenCon (and beyond)

Feeding your need for hashtag activism, as we head into the biggest board gaming convention weekend, #buygamesbywomen may turn out to be a great way to learn about games created by women and a way to post photos of games folks are buying.

I want a Crystal Maiden hoodie! Where are the guy sizes?

In a strange turn of events, the comments section on this item is full of men pleading for the hoodie in men’s sizes. One particularly crafty commenter wondered if the “XXXL ladies size fit a muscular build 6’1″ guy.” Normally, women are crying out for more merch, female cuts or more realistic sizing. I don’t blame the guys though. Who doesn’t want a hoodie with detachable cape with crystals and faux fur trim?

A girl tries to save her brother in Submerged

I admit that the story drew me in, but it’s the game art that’s truly piqued my interest. I haven’t yet played, but it’s conjuring feelings Monument Valley did, a beautiful, thoughtful game I could play as a gentle escape. Submerged from Uppercut Games is due out on Steam on August 4 and rolling other platforms that week.

Post-apocalyptic LARP from Poland

Over 500 people attended the Old Town festival at an abandoned airfield in Kluczewo for a 72-hour post-apocalyptic LARP reflecting what the world might look like after a nuclear war a hundred years from now. Be sure to check out the fascinating photo set by official photographer, Piotr Bardo.

Bulimia.com’s new campaign for realistic female bodies in video games

Sure, photoshopped images aren’t the same as creating female characters with more realistic proportions, but it does raise awareness and start discussions. Interesting to note, that I’ve been trying to get the Bulimia.com website to load and can’t. I’m hoping its for positive reasons.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The websites are now available. Click here for the Bulimia website and here for their reversed Photoshop project.]

That’s it for this week, gaming lovelies. As always, feel free to leave your gaming thoughts in the comments. Cheers!