This year was Bethesda Softworks’s first ever E3 Conference and it did not disappoint: mobile games, card games, female protagonists and more!

Recently I have gotten more into the mobile gaming world (as have many other people), and Bethesda finally has something to offer me in that arena. No more will I have to turn away from my favorite AAA developer to find my kicks on my phone; now there’s Fallout Shelter. This game is already available for iOS and will soon make its move to Android as well.

Fallout Shelter is a resource mining and management game, where the player is the Vault Overseer. The player runs the vault, tries to keep all the rooms operational, and the citizens alive. From what I have seen, it is actually free-to-play, and while you can make in-game purchases for certain resources, the game doesn’t overly encourage you to buy resources like other games do.

Elder Scrolls Legends is perhaps the announcement that excited me the most. I am a Hearthstone addict.  Blizzard has never been able to keep my attention for long, until I took up their strategy card game. It’s just so fun and fresh and exciting. Now, Bethesda is throwing their hat in the ring and I’m already itching to jump ship. Elder Scrolls Legends will be a free-to-play card strategy game based off the lore in the Elder Scrolls universe, coming to PC and iPad THIS YEAR. I hope that their game is different enough to differentiate itself from Blizzard’s game, but with the overwhelming amount of already written background available in the Elder Scrolls universe I can see Legends turning out to be an instant success. And, let’s be honest, I will play it even if it’s a direct rip off of Hearthstone.

Joining Blizzard (and many other developers) in another arena, Bethesda has announced, which will be the hub for all of their titles.

I was not a huge fan of Dishonored, but the trailer for Dishonored 2 got me a little excited. Partially because one of the possible protagonists is Emily, the grown-up version of the little girl from the first game. She looks pretty hardcore. There also seems to be at least one cool woman in their multiplayer explosion fest Battlecry, also expected out sometime this year.

As if that isn’t enough, Fallout 4’s release date was announced. Now improved with house-building to hold your item hoarding, and minigames on the Pip-Boy, you can pick up this delight November 10, 2015. Speaking of the Pip-Boy, Fallout 4’s Collector’s Edition will come with your very own Pip-Boy, and there’s an app to make your phone function like everyone’s favorite arm accessory.

After all this excitement released this year, fans still have something awesome to look forward to for next year, as they’ve announced a Doom project for 2016: