It’s Wednesday, gaming fans. Raise your hand if you’ve spent all your money in the Steam summer sale. Excellent. And raise your hand it you’ve been up late scoping out all the E3 news. Uh huh, no worries, I get it. Don’t let it consume your life; there’s other gaming news out there in the great beyond. Read on to see check out what you may have missed.

3 Queens, all female-owned game company

Although the team originally wanted to work on a affirmative consent, they ended up making a reality-show parody celebrity game, Creeping with the Crudashians. Seems a little odd, but who am I to judge? I support more women in tech and gaming and making a mobile game is a good way to get your feet wet.

FTC goes after board game Kickstarter gone wrong

The laws surrounding crowdfunding are murky. Campaigns gone wrong can leave backers feeling uneasy. The fall out from “The Doom That Came To Atlantic City” campaign not only made headlines in the geek community, but it also appeared to attract the attention of the FTC, who for the first time have gone after a crowdfunding campaign.

Where are all the female speakers at The PC Gaming Show?

Brianna Wu alerted folks on Twitter to a rather bizarre move on behalf of PC Gamer. Their live show from E3 included 28 speakers, all men and primarily all white men. Take a gander at their speaker page and see for yourself.

Gamer Latoya Peterson’s article at ESPN

It was a little shocking for me to see an article on video gaming over at ESPN, go with it. Peterson discusses her view on how console gaming has since her days playing Doom until now. She’s also working on a documentary of girl gamers.

That’s all for this week. Play some of those shiny new games and try to catch up on some rest.  See you next week!