Howdy Wednesday readers! I hope your week is cruising along. If you’re lucky enough to live in the Columbus, Ohio area, remember that this weekend is the Origins Game Fair. Get out and play some games!

Women’s National Teams included EA SPORTS FIFA 16

For the first time ever, 12 Women’s National Teams will be included in the FIFA games series when EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 launches this fall. The trailer has an inspiring feel good vibe with the talented women stating that they are “in the game.”


Kung Fury gameKung Fury now a short film AND a game

Last week, Kung Fury suggestions followed me at every turn. The official launch of the 30 minute short film, funded from via Kickstarter, was all over the internet. Fast forward to this week and the announcement of a Kung Fury mobile game. That’s right. If you love the 1980s streetfighter/marital arts movie homage and you love 1980s streetfighter games, your dreams have come true.

Programming puzzle game TIS-100

Warning, this one is a super nerdy but I am geeking out so much I had to share. The folks behind SpaceChem and Infinifactory have released a programming puzzle game where you rewrite corrupted code to fix TIS-100. Non-coders, don’t fret! Early Steam reviews claim you don’t need to know any assembly language programming to have fun.

Cloud_Chasers_4IndieCade announces the games for its E3 Showcase

Alas, I’m not one of the lucky ones headed to E3 next week, but that doesn’t stop game goodness from reaching me. IndieCade, an organization that support independent game development, has announced the 30 games selected for its showcase at E3. Games including In Tune, a game about navigating consent and Cloud Chasers, a father-daughter story about immigrants,

That’s a wrap. Feel like I’m shunning the triple AAA games? Want more coverage of indie tabletop? Feel free to shout out in the comments. Until next week, game on and bake delicious gamer cupcakes!