Another week, another Wednesday! I’m still catching up from a long weekend, but managed to find some game nuggets to tide us all over until the next weekend raid.  Adventure awaits!

Perception-logoFormer Bioshock developers are creating a new horror game

Perception is a first-person horror game with a blind female lead. Using the sound of her cane allows you to “see” but since so much is outside the periphery, there’s potential for a jump scare at every turn. Urban fantasy author, Amanda Gardner, penned the story and has a great piece on the difference between writing novels and games.


TED Ed w. Lilian ChenResponding to sexism in video games with empathy

With TEDWomen tomorrow and my local TEDx Women event underway, TED talks are on my mind. This TED Ed talk by competitive gamer, Lilian Chen, is definitely worth the 7 minutes of your time. She talks about being one of the lone women, how it affected her and what she learned about herself.


Spiel des Jahres logoSpiel des Jahres finalists announced

The annual awards for board games is kind of a big deal. Known as one of the prestigious awards for excellence in board games, past winners include Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Dixit, Quirkle and Hanabi. This year’s nominations for the 2015 Game of the Year are The GameMachi Koro and Colt Express.


PAC-MAN LitePAC-MAN 35th Anniversary edition

Spiffed up for his 35th anniversary, the iOS game received a new interface, new levels and multiplayer mode. Check out the first level for free and decide for yourself if premium is for you.



Home Improvisation living roomHome Improvisation on Early Access Steam

If you love the hell of assembling cheap furniture without having anything to show for it, this game could be for you. The tongue-in-cheek “furniture assembly experience” game releases May 28. Since you’re not using real life power tools, drinking is probably allowed, and encouraged.


That’s it for this week, lovelies. As always, if I missed something amazing, feel free to drop a note in the comments. Til next week, happy gaming!